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The history of Chinese tea

Chinese tea has a long history since the discovery of wild tea, cook the soup to drink from the Health, loose tea to tea cakes, green tea to tea, from manual to mechanized tea, experienced a period of complex change. The quality characteristics of a variety of teas formation, in addition to tea varieties and fresh leaves of raw materials, processing conditions and manufacturing methods is an important decision factor. In this paper, do a brief introduction of tea history.

(A) from the raw, cook soup to drink dry collection

Tea is the earliest start from chewing the fresh leaves of tea, the development to the students cook soup to drink. Boils, similar to modern cooking soup. Still has to eat salad tea customs such as Yunnan Jino, fresh leaves crumple put a bowl, add a little yellow fruit leaves, garlic, pepper and salt as an ingredient, then add spring mix; tea for soup to drink, Jin Ji "Wu tea-picking cook, said tea, porridge," even to the Tang Dynasty, there is still the habit of eating tea gruel.
The Three Kingdoms, the Wei dynasty has a simple processing of tea, mining the leaves made into cakes, dried, or dried, is the bud of the tea process.

(B) from the steaming green form to the Long group phoenix cake

The initial processing of the tea cakes are still very strong grassy, ??through repeated practice, the invention of steaming green tea. About to the broken system in the fresh leaves of tea steaming tea cakes perforation runs through drying to its green gas. But the bitter taste, so wash the fresh leaves, steamed green squeeze to juice cake-baking, make the tea bitter taste greatly reduced.
Tribute tea since the Tang Dynasty to Song Dynasty, the rise of the establishment of a contribution to Tea House, tea factory, organization officials of tea technology, thus contributing to the tea production continuously reform.
Tang Dynasty Steamed green cake for the gradual improvement Lu Yu "tea by
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