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Famous Chinese Green Tea

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Famous Chinese Green Tea

West Lake Longjing
A. Origin: West Lake Longjing Roasted green tea produced in the West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Shifeng Weng Hill, Tiger Spring, Mei Jia Wu, Yun Qi, Ling Yin in the vicinity of the mountains. Hangzhou tea production has a long history, there are records as early as the Tang Dynasty, Lu Yu Tea, Longjing tea is the beginning of production in the Song Dynasty.
B. Quality characteristics: Longjing tea to "Chui color, fragrant, sweet, beautiful shape," four certainly known to the world, known as the "Chinese Tea said. Finished tea bowl shape of nails, light flat straight and color Tsui slightly yellow was "brown color", the taste of sweet fresh, dense and elegant aroma HD soup green Qingying, into flowers Securinega delicate, a flag shot, staggered matched very delight to the eye to enjoy.
C. The Longjing Brand: Wufeng, Xin impression, Okimichi

Huang Shan Mao Feng
A. Origin: Huang Shan Mao Feng is Hongqing green tea produced in Huangshan, Anhui Province. Huangshan tea production history can be traced back to the Song Dynasty Yoshisuke years. To the Ming Dynasty, Khanh, Huangshan tea is very famous. Huang Shan Mao Feng was founded in the Qing dynasty.
B. Quality features: Premium Huang Shan Mao Feng called the best of China's Mao Feng, the shape of Buxus sturdy, uniform homogeneous peak cents exposed, the color of ivory, fish, leaves golden aroma fragrance long, liquor color clear and bright taste of fresh, dense, mellow, sweet, into flowers Securinega yellow. The "golden tablets" and "Ivory" is the two characteristics of Huang Shan Mao Feng.
C. The Maofeng Brand: Wufeng, the Xin'an impression, Xie Yu large

Tai Ping Hou Kui
A. Origin: Pacific Houkui, produced in Pacific County, Anhui Province, Monkey Hang Village. Monkey Chief Peace for the tip and tea, gourmet, a long standing reputation. Pacific county name, the tea production can be traced back to the Ming dynasty, the Monkey Chief Peace was founded in the late Qing dynasty.
B. Quality features: hold the two leaves and a bud, flat straight, natural stretch, Pekoe insidious, "Monkey Chief Liangtoujian ghost Alice is not curling," said. Leaves dark green uniform Run hidden red veins green, commonly known as the "red thread". Floral GAO, taste glycol, fragrance has a unique monkey rhyme. Liquor color clear green, bright and clean, the bottom light green uniform light shoots into flowers fat. Tasting, the first bubble fragrant, two bubble Sauvignon, three bulbs four bubble fragrance lingering.
C. Monkey Chief Brand: Wufeng, Xin impression

Liu An Gua Pian Tea
A. Origin: Tea Product produced in Lu'an City, security, WEALTHY and Jinzhai, Huoshan counties of the adjoining mountainous and hilly, since the beginning of the mountain Guapian and Beyond Mountains Guapian two producing areas.
B. quality characteristics: Tea Product, "" history of tea, one of China's top ten tea, internationally renowned specialty green tea buds, sessile Tea Product, one of the characteristics of made tea brewing was oval tablets like, hence the name Tea Product Tea Product of the production process is divided into seven: mention pick ? pull tab ? ? fry pan fried Steamboat ? Picking fire ? to pull a small fire ? to pull the old fire.
The three raw materials: Tea Product picking half around in Guyu, finest Tea Product picking generally wait until the "open face", picking standards to a tip / bud 2-3.
C. Tea Product Tasting: First, smell its fragrance, close-sized cup noodles, natural fragrance, alcohol, pure, net, diffuse, the bubble Guapian, a cup of tea themselves in fragrance, slowly without a break. The second is the view of its color, view the soup, but see the pan-green broth, no turbidity, Bibo relaxation. If glass, Warm Jade, Pengcha hand body and mind are Run. Its taste, slow drink two tea, and then a small sip to savor the early bitter, becoming cool and, after sweet, and then goods intuitive soul-stirring, Gan came from, can not be cut off. Fourth, the view of its shape, dry tea water-fat soup, the first float on the top, getting to the dance maneuver, floating in the air to fall, layering, if mound-like peak, sticks like Sam.
D. The major brands: Huang Jiang, emblem, bat brand, Wufeng, Xinan impression

Bi Luo Chun Tea
A. Origin: Dongting Biluochun produced in the Taihu Lake, Jiangsu Wuxian Dongting Mountain. Biluochun created in the Ming Dynasty. The Qianlong down the south Statement hehe.
B. Quality features:
thin cord, curl into a spiral full wearing cents, silvery Tsui hidden, aroma, taste fresh, dense, sweet thick, clear soup green, the bottom of a bright light green, a tender (tender shoots) and Sam Sun ( color, smell, taste), said China's tea treasures, shaped the United States, colorful, fragrant, pure taste "and the famous.
C. The Biluochun Brand: Wufeng

Xin Yang Mao Jian
A. Origin: Xinyangmaojian, produced in the vicinity of the car Yunshan western Henan Xinyang City, 600 meters above sea level. Created in the Qing Dynasty.
B. Quality characteristics: the fine tight round straight, color green, pekoe revealed; liquor color clear green and bright aroma of fresh, taste fresh, dense; Securinega Nha Trang, green Leveling. For color Tsui, delicious, fragrant high, "said. Xinyang Mao Jian tea is a light green type, the soup, the bottom light green and bright; tea aroma is a Fen, and varying degrees of performance cents incense, fresh fragrant, chestnut; the tea taste with a strong type and mellow type, containing organic material wealth, taste mellow Xianshuang, high long and resistant foam, the bottom of the flower type, complete shoots, symmetry.

Lao Shan green tea
A. Origin: Qingdao Laoshan mountain
B. Quality characteristics: delicate and dried buds, green color, liquor color clear, Ying Huang, mellow flavor, rich, Fong gas filled in between purple lips and white teeth, Orchids and fragrance nostrils, the aftertaste is timeless.

New forest Yulu
A. Origin: Xinyang City, Henan Province, County.
B. Quality characteristics: color of the finished tea green Green Run, the shape of pine needle tea color is light green and bright, jade, such as dew, fresh aroma, the taste of alcohol and refreshing aftertaste is sweet, elegant aroma, mellowness, the bottom of equatorial complete, light green and bright, soft, with obvious "green color, soup green, leaf green," green features.

Bamboo bar Tsui bud
A. Origin: Fuding City, Fujian Province, early 20th century, the the Fuding nod town bamboo bar head Chen starting a Fudingdabaicha instead of the original varieties of tea, its quality has improved significantly.
B. quality characteristics: dry tea single bud and full, straight needle like green jade. After brewing, the tea gas fresh sweet cool, shoots upright, the bottom of juicy. Liquor color clear and bright, Xiangfu, such as blue; tasting appreciate, taste Xianshuang glycol, cheek teeth, Aggression, Qinren the heart.
C. Raw materials: refined selection of high quality green tea Fudingdabaicha Mingqian tea single bud, the traditional green tea process. Single bud is full, straight like a needle, jade-green.

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