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The Storage of Green Tea

The Storage of Green Tea
(1)Avoid wet: green tea is a porous hydrophilic material, so it has a strong moisture also moisture resistance. Storage of green tea, the relative humidity of 60% is more appropriate, more than 70% will be due to moisture absorption and mildew, and then acidified deterioration.
(2) Avoid high temperature: green tea best storage temperature is 0-5 ?. Temperature is too high tea in the amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and aromatic substances are broken down and destroyed, the quality, aroma, taste has been reduced.
(3)Avoid the sun: the sun will promote the oxidation of green tea pigments and esters, can chlorophyll is broken down into pheophytin. Green tea is stored in a glass container or a transparent plastic bag by the sunlight, its intrinsic material from a chemical reaction, so that the deterioration of the quality of green tea.
(4)Avoid oxygen: green tea chlorophyll, aldehydes, esters, vitamin C and so easy to combine with oxygen in the air, the oxidation of green tea tea make green tea liquor color red, darken, greatly reduced nutritional value.
(5) to avoid odor: containing polymer Palm enzyme and dilute terpene compounds in green tea. Such substances naturally live wave of extremely unstable, widely suction odor. Therefore, tea and smell articles mix storage, it will absorb the odor and can not be removed.

Professional save
Divided into two types of professional and family according to the different objects and green tea have and save, green tea preservation and storage methods, professional save merchants over their tea saved, the family is a small amount of green tea preservation, including green tea professional save in three ways:
(1) lime block Preservation Act. Quicklime block mounted on the white muslin bag. Green tea is loaded white tissue paper bag, coat brown paper bags, and small mouth pottery jars dry cleaned, Xiadian White, green tea tea bags in a small mouth pottery jars, in the middle embedded in twelve lime bags. Sealed with several layers of quality of the grass the altar, and the final compaction of the bricks and mortar or the thick woodblock in order to reduce the amount of air exchange. Since then we should always check to save the situation, the timely replacement of lime deliquescence.
(2) carbon storage method. Basically the same method of operation and lime block Preservation Act. With the material but extinguished with burning charcoal, Sheng tea utensils can be replaced with an earthen jar or a small mouth tin bucket. Increase or decrease the visual size of the container of the capacity of the charcoal bags and green tea, tea bags.
(3) green tea frozen method. Tea drying water vapor, moisture content between 3-5%, not more than 6%. Green tea into the aluminum composite bag, heat sealing, breathing air pump out of the air bag at the same time into the nitrogen, sealed seal affixed, placed on the tea box, and then into the low-temperature cold storage preservation. This method is the best tea in the conditions of the current technological level Preservation Act. Save a large amount of a long time.

Family save green tea
Green tea family preservation method, in general there are five:
(1) crock Chu Tea Act. This method is ancient times. Ming Feng Meng Zhen <fast Xue Tang Man recorded saying: "real tea urn, the bottom set Ruo, cementing upside down, over the summer is not yellow, its gas is not compromised." Tea water content can not exceed 6%. Available lime dehumidification. To do the same lime block Preservation Act.
(2) canning. Container selection loaded pastries or other food, listen to metal, boxes, cans, boxes, or iron or aluminum or paper or paper products, or square or round or flat or irregular. The important thing is that the tea should be dry, seal the bag. This method is simple, take the same convenience.
(3) plastic bag storage Tea Act. Selection of high-density, high pressure, thick, good strength, no smell of food packaging. The tea can be pre softer net wrap, and then placed in a food bag, seal Serve.
Thermos receptacle Tea Act. Available insulation is poor and abandoned thermos filled with dry green tea covered cork, sealed with wax.
(4)Refrigerator France. The high density of green tea is loaded, high pressure, thick, good strength, no smell of food packaging bags, and then placed in the freezer or freezer. This method to save time, the effect, but the bag must seal securely tight seal, otherwise it will resurgence or odor, but detrimental to the quality of green tea.

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