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How to distinguish Green Tea

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Green tea quality vary greatly, according to the appearance of green tea and bubble tea, the bottom of the identification.

Fresh green tea and stale green tea
Appearance and color of fresh green tea, bright green, shiny, smell concentratedflavor tea; bubble tea color green, fragrance, orchid fragrance, the smell of cookedchestnut, taste glycol refreshing, the bottom of bright green and bright.
Dark night of the appearance of the stale green tea yellow, dull, deep aroma, such as blowing hot tea with mouth moist place the leaves yellow and dry, the smell ofcold sensation; bubble tea color deep yellow, the flavor is mellow but not refreshing,phyllotaxis Chen Huang owed ??bright.

Spring tea, summer tea, autumn tea
Spring and shape shoots Shuozhuang full color dark green, moist, the cable tight knot, heavy; bubble tea Sauvignon, glycol refreshing aroma of thick, the bottom soft and bright.
Summer tea shape of the cable thick pine, miscellaneous color, distinct buds wood;bubble tea astringent taste, the bottom is hard, veins revealed mixed aeruginousleaves.
Autumn tea appearance of the cable tight, multi-wire tendons, thin and light, the colorgreen; bubble tea pale, chef, mild, slightly sweet, light fragrance, the bottom soft,multi-copper monolithic.

High mountain green tea, green tea in a peaceful manner
High mountain green tea heavy appearance of the cable, the color green, shiny;bright green color of bubble tea, lasting aroma, strong taste, the bottom of the bright,the leaves soft.
The ground green tea form cord-thin, exposed tendons, thin and light, the coloryellow, and green; bubble tea light color, bland aroma, the taste of alcohol, leafquality hard veins revealed.

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