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Q&A of Green Tea

Green tea is healthier than black tea?
Correctly, green tea and black tea is not much difference between raw materials and are tea leaves, the only difference is that the process of tea: tea made from green tea, just tea drying; black tea is the opposite. Tea need to cut small and fermentation, oxidation to give the dark color and the flavor of the tea. Black tea is fermented, polyphenols may be decomposed is seldom used. Has not been fermented green tea, you can keep more of polyphenols, green tea helps the body's health, from this perspective.

Tea better than coffee, refreshing?
Error, the caffeine content per cup of coffee more than tea 2-3 times. However, caffeine does not explain its refreshing effect on the best, in fact, the caffeine in tea force play slow, but the duration is longer. Because the longer the brew tea, the more dissolved tannin, it can play a role with caffeine, the caffeine in the body and slowly release.

The green tea helps to lose weight?
Error, if you do not add the heat of other substances, green tea is almost zero. German nutrition experts believe that green tea contains substances such as caffeine can promote sympathetic nerve activity of the brain. So that the body to avoid excessive accumulation of fat. However, green tea and not to fat dissolved away, you will find that drinking 3 to 4 cups of green tea a day, you do not see any significant slimming effect. If you drink too much green tea, maybe you will lean down, but tea the adverse consequences of excessive speed up the pulse, sweating and restless, I am afraid will be far more than the thin dry hi.

Caffeine caused a loss of body fluids?
Mistake, caffeine is a diuretic tea, tea really make you drain the water and sodium, but do not make a fuss, because your body will automatically add the loss out of water and sodium within 24 hours. Nutrition experts believe. This is not so much a loss of body fluids. Better say that the flow of body fluids.

Tea will damage teeth
Error, in addition to dental aesthetic problems, the benefits of tea on teeth is greater than the harm. Especially black tea. It liter contained up to 0.5 - 2.2 mg fluoride, which helps to strengthen tooth enamel, which effectively prevent tooth decay. In addition, tea also contains polyphenols, such astringent substances can inhibit the amylase in the respiratory fluid. Speaking while the prevention of dental caries.

Green tea can protect the brain?
Yes, the British scientists confirmed that green tea has beneficial effects on the human brain. Not only is green tea, black tea is also able to inhibit certain enzymes in the brain, while the incidence of dementia and this enzyme is closely related. Compared with black tea, green tea protective effect of the brain to be more lasting some.

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I always think that Tea is better than coffee!

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I am so amazing that Green tea can protect the brain.

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