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You drink tea and you should know the history of tea

   China is the origin of tea, tea first appeared in China's southwestern Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, the Xishuangbanna region. But some scholars believe that the origin of tea in India, the reason is a wild tea tree in India, and China does not. But they do not know China around 200 BC, "ELEGANCE" mentioned in a wild tea tree, but also "tea king".

    "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" is our first pharmacy monograph, writes in the book in the Western Han Dynasty from the Warring States Period. The book form of the legend, collected since time immemorial, long-term accumulation of knowledge of drugs by the working people, which this record: "Shen Nong tasted a hundred herbs, case of 72 drugs, pro-and solution." According to research: where tea is the tea of ??the ancient effect that, far away in ancient times, the legendary Shen Nong, personally tasted a hundred herbs, in order to find the plant that is conducive to human survival, even several times a day poisoning. However, due to take tea and be saved. Although this is a legend, with obvious exaggeration ingredients, but can also be learned from, the human use of tea, medicinal.
    According to investigation, the word "tea" first appeared in the 100 sound master monument "and" Huai Hui monument some time in the mid-Tang Dynasty, AD 806 to around 820 years ago, before this, "tea" is more than the meaning of the word "tea".

    The basic meaning of "tea" is "bitter herbs" people of ancient times, tea is also a lack of understanding, based solely on the taste of it, attributed it bitter herbs, a class is completely understandable when people realize that it is generally bitter course the difference between its special features, alone also produced a new word.

    Tea and food, occupies an equally important position. However, due to climate and other reasons, local production is not tea, the official in order to enhance the power of minority control, the supply of tea to take limited direct allocation approach, in order to achieve the purpose of the tea governance side ". At the same time not only control the supply of tea, official, Yu and exchange of most of the horses, a small amount of tea, a heavy burden to the fraternal peoples, and this is the history of the tea-horse trade ".

    Tea as a beverage, from the Tang Dynasty, spread to various ethnic minority areas in northwest China has become a necessity of life of local people, "day without tea is, stagnation, three days without tea is a disease". Tea from the invention to use, has experienced a long history of reason, it is welcomed by the people, as the beverages people drink, but also because its body can play a certain amount of care and treatment. Three Kingdoms period, Zhuge Liang troops in Civil war. Once Bingzhi the Yunnan Reed Sea, soldiers due to lack of acclimatization, and more harmful eye Zhu Zhu Liang ordered his soldiers to pick tea boiled water to drink, and soon, the eye healed. Until now, local people also tea known as "Ming Tree, the wise revered as the grandfather of tea.

    China is the origin of tea. However, the Chinese contribution to mankind in the tea industry, is the earliest found a tea of ??this plant, the first use of the tea of ??this plant, and the development of the formation of China and the East and the whole world a splendid and unique tea culture. Such as our historical records contained in the tea before the unknown, "the ancients summer, water, winter is Yin Tang, constant hot water unboiled water to quench their thirst. Tea to drink then change the bad habits of the people to drink unboiled water has greatly improved people's health. As for the tea along in Europe and America, is considered "the best gift given to the West of the East", "the introduction of Europe, the absence of tea and coffee, alcohol will definitely be more excessive", "tea benefits to humans and can not be estimated, convinced that tea is one of the Savior of mankind "," is a great comfort goods ". The world of tea and tea production and trade, before and after addition to Korea, Japan and Central Asia, West Asia region is the Tang Dynasty from incoming those of China, the other multi-16th century, especially the nearly 200 years since the incoming development up.

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