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What is black tea? do you know?

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I want to introduce the black tea for everyone.
Black tea is a type of tea that is more oxidized than the oolong, green, and white teas. Tea Ancestor in China, the world's first black tea from China Fujian Wuyishan tea area tea grower invention, called" Lapsang souchong". Belongs to the fermented tea, tea is tea leaves as raw material, after wilt, rolled ( cut), fermentation, drying and other typical refining process. Do because of their color and brewing tea in the red as a main tuning, named Black tea. More types of black tea, Qimen tea producing area is wide, the famous congou black tea, and tea is fragrant, in addition, from the introduction of China developed India, Sri Lanka tea is also very famous origin.

Generally, unblended black teas are named after the region in which they are produced. Often, different regions are known for producing teas with characteristic flavors.

Souchong tea is one of the oldest tea, but also other tea ancestor, other black tea are small tea evolved. It is divided into Lapsang and small mountains, all originated from Wuyishan region.
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