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20 health benefits of different herbal tea

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Different Herbal tea have different health benefits. You can find the herbal tea you like as below:

1.Thin: roses, chamomile, peppermint, allowing you to build beautifully
2. Exclude stool: rose, lemon grass
3. Break down body fat, beauty Tiaojing: oolong tea roses
4. Body sculpting, lowering blood pressure: lemon grass, Pu Tizi
5 Relax bowel, improve endocrine disorders: roses, jasmine, oolong tea
6. Promote blood circulation, eliminate the water retention of muscle tissue, remove the grease: Rose
7, treatment of acne, dark spots: rose, jasmine, can make the skin becomes smooth
8. White: Rose, mint
9. Sleep, headache: chamomile, lavender, rose
10. Awfully, eliminating intraocular pressure: Rose, Chamomile
11. Hangover: lavender, violet, mint
12. Headache: chamomile, rosemary, lavender, rose
13. Stomachache: chamomile, peppermint, jasmine
14. Cough: violet, mint, Radix, Panda Hai
15. To increase the memory: rosemary, chamomile, mint
16. The liver and the elimination of fatigue: the rose, osmanthus, jasmine
17. Reduce the pressure: Rose, Pu Tizi, lavender, mint
18. Increase in renal function: jasmine, rose, mint, medlar
19. To improve the symptoms of constipation, detoxification,
20. Whitening: chamomile, violet, cassia seed

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