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Natural health drinks - Herbal tea

Herbal tea is the natural health drinks.
Living in the hustle and bustle of the city, and anyone would be relaxed village atmosphere full of desire, the popular herbal tea is clearly in a way that meets the people's romantic. Red roses, and yellow calendula, purple, lavender, brown rosemary, green mint leaves ...... floating down a crystal clear glass pot, light fragrance, natural taste, beautiful color, immediately immersed in the field breath of the fragrant, an all day happy mood.
In fact, herbal tea is not only look good, smell good, but also rich in nutrients and a wide range of effects on human health.

Thistle - during pregnancy should not take the swelling and pain, heal wounds, heat, adjusting blood, reduce fatigue
Citron - the liver and to help digestion, nausea, vaginal discharge phenomenon, weakness
Navel orange - to relieve stress, aid digestion, to grease, with a significant whitening effect, increasing the function of cell movement
Mulan - to reconcile the spleen and stomach, to reduce menstrual pain, phlegm, headaches, pregnancy is not suitable for drinking
Lotus leaf - cool pathogenic fire, eliminate body fat to achieve weight loss, and yang are not suitable for drinking
Shage - Bunao role in enhancing memory, and the prevention of stroke, paralysis, stimulates the appetite, resistance to allergies, effectively whiten teeth, prevention of liver disease
Ragtime - inhibition of bronchitis, stomach and intestines
Peony - beauty and effect, lower blood pressure, liver, reduce menstrual pain, smooth blood, reducing women's anemia status
Leaf tea - Liver gallbladder, lowering blood pressure, blood sugar, for diabetics to drink
Hyssop - the treatment of asthma and mucosal inflammation, relieve throat pain, the treatment of respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms
Xin mint - elimination bacteria, the liver, stomach and intestines, refreshing, conditioning digestive function
Net intestinal tea - a natural laxative, pregnant women should not take it. Net intestinal purge, weight loss, eliminate toxins
Lavender flowers - and lungs, beauty, skin care, hair care, relaxation emotions, eliminate stress, eyestrain
Rock Orchid - to help sleep, relieve stress, improve rough skin
Pu Tizi - reduce joint pain, muscle aches, weight loss, insomnia, sedation, purify the blood vessels, prevent arteriosclerosis, easing anxiety
Sunflower - a strong liver, reducing anger, headache, eyestrain, improves eyesight
Peony Flowers - adjust blood cell activation, calm, clean the blood, night sweats, and menstrual disorders
Moutan - to heat treatment of physical pain, dry mouth, urine yellowing
Jasmine - to adjust hormone secretion, relieve tension, and effective weight loss, beauty, weight loss, treatment of abdominal pain, relax
Purple hollyhock - clearing the lungs, colds, strengthen the trachea, cough and phlegm, nose allergies
Violet - to eliminate fatigue, wound healing, cure bad breath, Qingrejiedu, hangovers, colds, adjusting blood
Purple Patchouli - Skin Care, swelling, and release emotions, tighten the skin, promote cell regeneration.
Lemon fruit - to effectively break down fat, tea or lemon vinegar for weight loss helpful
Lemon grass - sedative to help digestion
Marigold - the treatment of skin allergies, clearing and detoxifying, and livers
Boiling gold flowers - eyesight, dizziness, constipation, eliminate yellow sputum, headache, hot cold, cool and antipyretic
Kumquat fruit - the stomach, eliminating abdominal pain, help digestion, sore throat, asthma
European heather - the elimination of fatigue, treatment of diabetes, adjusting blood Liver meridians
Europe fennel - warm pubic region, rheumatic pain, relieve swollen feet, infertility treatment, the treatment of bladder weakness
Peppermint - sedation, lower heat, blood circulation, Qutan, stomach, cure headache, sore throat
Forsythia - headache, toothache, adjusting blood, allergic rhinitis, arthritis, edema, lung, and stomach
Skirts - chronic gastroenteritis, tracheal disease, gastrointestinal health, treatment of gastric ulcer, lymph nodes Great
Apple Flowers - Beauty, abdominal pain, blood stasis, weight loss, stomach, help digestion
Apple flesh - an appetizer, Department of solutions, hangover, thirst, beauty beauty
Rose - pregnant women should not take the blood circulation, cure bruises, aching muscles, regulate the flow of menstruation, Liver
Cinnamon - fend off the cold, strong heart, refreshing, pregnant non-drinking
Snow Plum - thirst-quenching, detoxification, appetizers, lift depression, effective treatment for acne
Snow Lotus - qi, blood, impotence, and enhance physical fitness, and fill in the air
Coltsfoot - the treatment of asthma, cough and significant effect, Jian Qing bone pain
Hollyhock flowers - clearing the lungs, colds, qi, refreshment, and the treatment of nasal allergies
Longan flowers - blood, nourishing the nerves, gastrointestinal health, strong heart, urine gonorrhea
Mulberry fruit - eliminate athlete's foot edema, black hair, blood gas, liver or kidney
Honeysuckle - fever, detoxification, dry mouth, governance skin support, and elimination of acne
Verbena - is strictly prohibited pregnant women drinking, migraine, bowel, weight loss, blood circulation
Rosemary - cooking spices to aid digestion, in addition to bloating, Xie abdominal pain
Pain grass - governance bones ache, clean the blood, adjust blood
Larkspur - aphrodisiac, through tiny blood vessels, enhance memory, aiding sleep, increase in black
Stevia - suitable patients with diabetes and weight loss drink, is the best sugar substitute
Rosehip - weight loss, beauty, stomach, and governance abdominal pain, clear congestion, help digestion
Emperor leaves - aphrodisiac, to enhance memory
Leaves tomorrow - the treatment of nocturnal emission, can be impotence, active by bone, kidney, brain
Dragon tongue leaf - the treatment of diabetes, Liver and promoting blood circulation, lowering blood sugar, blood lipids, reduce fatigue
Thyme - elimination of stomach bloating, increase energy, treatment of herpes zoster
Cornflower - anti-inflammatory, beauty, hair care, a mild antibiotic, calm efficiency
Fruit, aid digestion, relieve rheumatic pain
Juniper berries - urinary system fungicide, to prevent cystitis and urinary tract infections, anti-uric acid and relieve joint pain
Pomegranate Hearts - suitable for patients with drinking, rule cystatin weakness, uric acid, blood glucose
Purple roses - adjusting blood, eliminate fatigue, the governance endocrine disorders, back pain, healing wounds
Roman chamomile - headache, migraine headaches, colds, constipation, relieve stress and eye fatigue, health, lungs
European chamomile - Governance constipation, lungs and health, dizziness, cold, eliminate stress, eyestrain
Golden Osmanthus - and beauty, laxative, remove toxins
Ginseng flower - Liver detoxification, reducing anger, the treatment of itching, allergies and other symptoms
Delphinium flowers - alleviate hemorrhoids, strengthening the heart circulatory system, convergence, blood function, the perfect life health tea
The efficacy of rosemary tea: help to restore the brain fatigue, and can enhance memory, have good effect for a hangover, dizziness, dizziness and tension headache, the perfect drink for the efficient treatment of headache; and has a cosmetic effect can be reduce wrinkles, remove the markings;
Pink roses - anterograde blood gas, soothe the nerves, constipation, and stomach, the liver and beautify the skin, regulating menstruation, promoting blood circulation
Red roses - the elimination of fatigue, effective wound healing, secretion disorders, back pain, can mix the blood
Persian Gerbera - eyesight, heat, headache, colds, to canker, the elimination of tension, relieve eye fatigue
If juniper Lanmei - diuretic, to leucorrhea, eliminate edema, arthritis, kidney strong fine and relieve muscle pain
Gold chrysanthemum - clear bile heat, back anger, eyesight, headache, colds, to boil
Taiwan white chrysanthemum - back anger, eyesight, cure headaches, colds, go to the boil, lungs and air
Frost grape leaves - can reduce muscle tingling and joint pain
Forget about me - clearing and detoxifying, pure heart and eyesight, Kidney Yin, Yang Yan beauty, nourishing blood, and can promote through the body's metabolism, cell senescence, enhance immunity Liver eyesight, Zi Yang kidney, raising tea the effect of the blood to regulate menstruation. Cosmetic whitening, clear vision, especially for freckles acne elimination.
Lime tea Efficacy: relieve colds, chronic insomnia, but also contribute to the treatment of neurasthenia, lowering blood pressure and prevent atherosclerosis; such as drinking, after exercise allows the body to feel more comfortable; In addition, to help digestion, promote metabolism;
Roselle tea effects: blood tonic function and fluid cough, beautify the skin and helps digestion, strengthen stomach function;
Panda Hai tea effect: sore throat, tonsillitis, rhinitis has a unique effect.

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