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How to distinguish Herbal Tea

How to find find Herbal Tea. There are three way for you to do.

1. Weight
Buy tea, the first handful of tea the Diandian weight, and careful observation with or without Motif, stalk, and very fine. High-quality tea is heavy and should not have these things; low-quality tea lighter, allowing a small number of these things.

2. Look at the shape
The shape of the tea to the cable tight fine round straight, color zeu green uniform, bright as well; cord thick pine distorted, the color yellow dark for good, or even Chen tea.
The appearance of features in the part of the grading of tea:
A. Cable tight round straight Leveling tea, Feng Miao and Pekoe slightly spears, the color of the Green Run, the aroma of fresh spirit strong and elegant;
B. cord round tight uniform, slightly Feng Miao and Pekoe, spears, color, Green Run, elegant aroma;
C. the cable is more rounded and tight, a slight tendon stem color green uniform, pure flavor;
D. cord is still tight, Shaolu tendon stem still green uniform color, the aroma of pure;
E. cord-thick pine stems, Park, the yellow color gel, aroma thicker.

3. Smell
Smell or without other undue odor (tea can easily absorb other odors), and then on the nose, deep sniff. To identify flowers is pure. Quality good tea the aroma Chongbi; the aroma is not strong there is no such feeling.

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