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I link drink Bai Lin congou tea / Bai Lin Gong Fu Tea

I link drink Bai Lin congou tea. Bai Lin congou tea produced in Fuding County of Taimu Mountain of Bai Lin, Lake Forest area. The mountain is located in the north, adjacent to Zhejiang, the higher mountains overlap, jade, has an odd, tea often Yu Ya forest. Tea trees thick with leaves and deep-rooted, bud is white crystal. Eighteen fifties. Fujian merchants in Fuding, wide processing congou, received wide, green areas, Bai Lin Fan Creek, yellow hillock, lake forest, Zhejiang, Taishun and other places of Pingyang black tea, concentrated tea processing Bai Lin, Bai Lin born. At the beginning of twentieth Century, Fuding" Mau" tea, give full play to the Fuding white tea characteristics, selection of tender shoots, made into tea, a tight knot cord appearance elegant, contain a lot of orange pekoe, with fresh pleasant fragrant, soup color, Yedi bright red light, known as " orange red", meaning an orange, red time, unique style, very popular on the international market.

Bai Lin congou of lobule tea, planting lobular group body hairs, with many early budding, high yield characteristics, general Bai Lin time, shape of the cable curved elongated, velvet cents with pompon-like particles, colors are yellow, black, endoplasmic Tangse light aroma of fresh, pure have no fragrance, taste sweet and fresh, bright red with yellow leaves background.

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Yes,  Bai Lin congou tea is good tea, i also like to drink it, every day!
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