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Oolong tea is semi-fermented tea

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Oolong tea, also known as the green tea, semi-fermented tea, is China a few tea, tea with unique characteristics distinct category. Oolong tea is after fixation, wilt carving, rolling green, half fermentation, baking and other processes after the preparation of high quality tea. Oolong tea is from the song Kun-long mission tea, cake Feng evolved, created in 1725( Qing Yong Zheng years ) before and after. After tasting mouth, back fresh sweet. Oolong tea pharmacological effects, especially in the decomposition of fat, body weight loss etc.. In Japan, known as the" beauty of tea"," tea". Oolong tea is unique to China tea, mainly in Fujian Province in Northern Fujian, Guangdong, Fujian and Taiwan three provinces. In recent years, Sichuan province such as Hunan also have a small amount of production. Oolong tea in addition to the domestic Guangdong, Fujian Province, mainly exported to Japan, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and macao.
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