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How to make a delicious Herbal Tea

Make a delicious Herbal Tea.

Mint tea
Material: 15 g of dried mint, 3 g of green tea, a little rock sugar.
A. Pot into 2 kg of water to boil turn off.
Two. Add mint leaves, green tea.
3. Filter out the residue and let cool, then add rock sugar mix can be referenced.
Efficacy: clear cool mint can eliminate the summer fiery charge stomach is depressed. If you suffer from summer heat cold, this is a very good conditioning drinks.

Rose Pu'er tea
Materials: Rose, 15 grams, 3 grams of Pu'er tea, the amount of honey.
A. First Pu'er tea on the Beiwan in the injection water.
Two. The first tea drained drink. The second bubble to join the roses, and then injected into the boiling water to cool some add some honey can be.
Efficacy: Most people are drinking tea, chrysanthemum Pu'er tea, however roses and Pu'er tea brewing with reference to its aromatic and pleasant than Ju Pu, and can ease the feelings of chest tightness, gas trouble, summer anger Wang Yi anger, may wish to drink plenty of roses Pu'er tea, good results.

Ganoderma mint tea
Material: Ganoderma lucidum (sliced) 2 g, 5 g mint, Guya 5 grams, a little rock sugar.
A. The Guya saute, and Ganoderma lucidum into the pot, add 500 grams of water and amount of crystal sugar, bring to a boil.
Two. Then add the mint and cook for 2 minutes after the flame to simmer for 5 minutes, let cool to drink.
Efficacy: This is suitable for summer drinking health tea, in particular, is more suitable for students facing the exam season. Warm book to stay at home all day, easy to make the blood flow, and have vexed, Qi and other symptoms. At this time, parents may wish to cook a pot of Ganoderma lucidum mint tea, let cool kids drink, allow children to God is light air is crisp.

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Thank you for your share, i will try it. :D

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