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The origin of Oolong tea, very interesting

The origin of Oolong tea
Oolong tea production, some of the legendary color, according to the" Fujian tea"," tea of Fujian folklore" contained the Yong Zheng years of the Qing Dynasty, in the Fujian province Anxi County West Rural South Village has a tea grower, is also hunted hotshot, surnamed Su long, because he looks dark stout, villagers to call him "own" a year of spring tea, oolong waist hanging basket, carrying a shotgun mountain tea, collected at noon, a head mount roe suddenly pass over, oolong gun but wounded Hill roe desperately fled to the mountains, oolong and subsequently gave chase, eventually capturing prey, when hill roe back home is the night, oolong and family busy butcher, tasting game, has the tea things forget completely. The next morning the family busy professionals Chaozhi back yesterday" green". Did not think of placing one fresh leaves, has been with the red side, and emitted bursts of fragrance, when the tea is good, taste very strong fragrance, no past the bitter taste, and the analysis and repeated experiments, after wilt carving, rolling green, half fermentation, baking and other processes, and finally for the excellent quality of the tea - Oolong tea new. Anxi also has become a well-known tea oolong tea.

Oolong tea predecessor -- North Yuan Cha

Oolong tea originated in Fujian, has a history of over 1000 years. The formation and development of Oolong tea, first to trace to the source of North Yuan Cha. Oolong tea North Yuan Cha in Fujian is the first tribute tea after the Song Dynasty, is the most famous tea, history introduction North Yuan Cha production and boiling 's work has more than 10 kinds. Fujian Jianou north gardens is the area around Lantau Peak, in the late Tang tea. According to the" annals" Fujian contained, at the end of Tang Jian Zhang Tinghui hired in Lantau Peak opened up the mountain tea, as the beginning of research cream tea, Song Taizong Pacific country for two years (977 years ) has produced Longfeng tea, Song Zhenzong (998 years ) after the transformation of the small group of tea, become the world famous Long Tuanfeng cake. The then chairman of Fujian transport officials, supervise the manufacturing tribute tea particularly praised Cai Xiang, North Yuan Cha, he wrote in a 1051" tea." speak of " tea master to pleasant slippery, but Beiyuan Lantau Peak continuously the baking produced taste good." North Yuan Cha finished product belongs to Long Tuanfeng cake, its preparing process such as, Ran Song Lu Yu picking the poem says:" far from the upper cliff Ye Chunfeng, warm, full day oblique basket." To take a basket of fresh leaves, to pass the time of day, leaves in a basket toss backlog, until the evening before steaming, the backlog of raw materials unintentionally produced partial red, bud leaves by enzymatic oxidation portion became purple or brown, investigates its essence has belongs to half fermentation, which is also called oolong tea category. Therefore, said North Yuan Cha is oolong tea is the predecessor of a certain scientific basis.

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