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The Origin of China

A long history of Chinese ceramics, the English name of China is the initial porcelain to the West, a homonym of the word "porcelain". Ancient famous kilns, a lot can not be introduced one by one, only the election and tea close to the famous kilns, the Introduction to this.

1. Yue
The name was first seen in the Chinese Lu '"secret color more," a poem, on the south bank of Hangzhou Bay. Ancient Yue celadon kilns general. Formed in the heyday of the Han Dynasty, Three Kingdoms, Western Jin Dynasty to the Late Tang Dynasty, to the Northern Song Dynasty the middle of the decline. Yucao E River midstream areas in the center of origin is located, always dominated the production of celadon, high quality. Lu Yu Tea

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I like China from Jingdezhen most. :)

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