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How to Storage Pu'er tea

Pu'er tea gets better with longer, Pu'er tea's taste, the better.
"The better it tastes" is determined by several factors. Mainly depends on the storage environment, the essential characteristics of the tea plantations. Years. Due to the particularity of the tea, its storage life of only through the tea house tasting concluded, there is no uniform standard. The collection of Pu'er tea cake must pay attention to the following questions: first, to distinguish between raw tea and old tea. The last century before the 1970s, the old tea basic green cake, raw tea, without the artificial fermentation process, taken to the fresh tea leaves wilt, dry, autoclave molding, drying the cake tea, loose tea as raw tea (green cake Pu'er), allowed contact with air, the natural changes resulting from the fermentation, the longer the storage time, tea quality is more alcohol. By heating Ottawa heap technology in a certain temperature, a certain humidity made the tea fermentation known as cooked tea (cooked cake Pu'er). Cooked tea fermentation has been qualitative, length of storage time does not change the quality tea. Secondly, we must identify the storage location.

1, must be in dry storage Chen of

Dry storage will not mildew, the conversion is relatively slow, but to maintain the authenticity of the Pu'er tea. "Tea hi konjac leaves Wei Hong, Pharmaceutical, thermophilic dry and avoid the cold and wet". Tea recorded "Song? Cai Xiang. Dry storage refers to the tea to ferment in the humidity, moderate temperature, ventilation, environment storage; wet storage refers to the merchants in order to obtain profits, tea on the poor ventilation, high humidity environment accelerated aging.

2, the temperature can not be a sudden change

Warehouse temperature is too high, too sudden changes in temperature will affect the tea water to give the taste of the lively, and even position within the temperature is too high, the formation of sultry, tea, of the original raw into the cooked Pu, this is the case in Hong Kong tea library.

3, to avoid savor infection

The tea is most likely to absorb the mixed gas smell, sprinkle a dry tea will absorb the odor in the clear air, due to, shall strive to storage is a clean environment to savor. "Hi konjac leaves Hong drugs and fear." Song? Cai Xiang; "hi cool evil steam Yu Hei clear independence bogey grow on trees". Out? Long Wen; tea sex kinky, easily dyed. District of things fishy foul air shall not be with the past. Of incense is not in phase lapel. Tea solution? Luo Lin.

4, the use of bamboo bamboo packaging

Tea to be built solid. Still fill with a thick bamboo tight. Urn mouth coupled with bamboo to leather wrap, "" Tea Shu Ming? Xu ease. This traditional packaging material and the way will help the Pu'er tea in fermentation, filtration savor to ensure the effectiveness of the pure. Often will have opened the old tea in favor of inferior quality plastic paper heavy bag, a long time, we will send the smell, and direct damage to the Pu'er tea taste.

5, note that Cha age of life

Pu'er tea's life, in the end six decades or a century or several centuries, there is no conclusive information, often rely on tea by intuition judged the degree of aging. Such as Fu-Yuan Chang, aging sense of celebrating the old No. Pu'er round tea to the highest point, must be sealed and stored, so as not to continue its rapid fermentation, resulting in the tea gradually disappear, and the corruption of taste of recession. Forbidden City Pumpkin tribute tea, Chen has one or two hundred years, their tastes are. "Colored soup, but its flavor and aging, weak".

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