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How to buy the best Anxi Tieguanyin?

Anxi Tieguanyin tea is much preferred products, but a lot of tea is not clear how to select a good Tieguanyin tea, but do not know the spring or autumn tea. Experts point out that, consumers choose Anxi Tieguanyin, can choose a farmer direct supply business, making it possible to buy high quality and inexpensive good tea.

According to the introduction, in Anxi, in the year five season oolong tea picking, divided into spring tea, summer tea, Anxi Tieguanyin tea, summer tea, autumn tea ( tea early autumn ), tea ( winter piece ). From the market, the quality of tea and the relative price ratio, Anxi Tieguanyin year price higher Tieguanyin is the spring and autumn tea. At present, online sales of Anxi oolong tea are not farmers direct supply, there are many intermediate links, easy to change the" taste", and the price will have bigger discrepancy. As the largest farmer direct supply business -- online shopping goods, every year from Anxi farmers buy lots of Tieguanyin, not only can ensure the timely supply of tea, but also can enjoy the farmer direct supply price, consumers get the most affordable price and tea.

Expert introduction, Anxi Tieguanyin age two season tea mainly has the following several aspects of distinction:

The difference between a: now the spring in order to seize the market often pick very early, and did not reach the standard, so the spring is overall quality is worrying. Reportedly, the yield of autumn tea Tieguanyin should be maximum, rather than the spring, good Tieguanyin generally from the age of two season, the spring and autumn tea aroma quality better, better, so can not generally say that season. While the summer tea season is relatively short, and began to drink will have acerbity, winter tea in Fujian seems to be collected. In addition Taiwan tea and Tieguanyin, she is wintry spring two season quality is better, the best winter tea, then spring. Summer and autumn tea generally do not.

The difference between two: autumn tea general harvest weather is the best, an invigorating autumn climate, therefore, good times. The same process, to spring tea, autumn tea producing tea becomes much easier, and autumn tea after the tea into the winter, temperatures of more appropriate, not prone to deterioration, many people think that autumn tea the best.

The difference between three: the same quality, spring better endurance, more resistant foam, autumn tea aroma flavor better, foot. Gu: Chunshui Chou-heung, if more than words, it would be the same place as compared to the tea.

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Thanks. I prefer to drink TieKuanYin from Anxi.
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