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The history of Taiwan Tea

Taiwan has long been a wild tea, Chulo County (1717) reads: "the place of central and southern Taiwan, 800 to 500 feet of elevation mountain, wild tea tree, nearby residents to adopt their shoots, simple processing and manufacturing, but for their own to drink. "and the Danshui Chi records:" Cat Luoshan tea production, sexual arctic, Fan did not dare to drink wild tea is so-called "Camellia" is still in the mountains of central and southern Taiwan found that this species of wild tea tree, but no varieties with Taiwan farmers planted tea.

Tea varieties planted in Taiwan, dating back two hundred years ago brought about by the Fujian immigrants, the early days of Taiwan tea technology is also taught by the Fujian master. Taiwan produced oolong tea, tea bag, tea, its production and manufacturing technology are from Fujian Province, China.

Taiwan, in the late Qing Dynasty tea is the largest production and export of goods, also contributed to the development of northern Taiwan, the industrial center of gravity transfer from the original south to north, has an important influence on later cultural development in Taiwan.

Jiaqing years (1796 to 1820)
Ke Chaoshi the introduction of tea from the Wuyi Mountain in Fujian kinds today Taipei County Rueifang the mountains, according to legend the beginning of northern Taiwan tea.

Qing Xianfeng Yi Mao (1855)
Lin Fengchi's green heart Oolong tea tree, imported from Fujian Province in frozen top of the mountain, It is reported that Taiwan's frozen the beginning of oolong tea.

Tongzhi period (1856 to 1875)
John Dodd contributed greatly to the development of Taiwan's tea industry. He moved into the tea tree, provide technical guidance to the acquisition of tea, set up a refining plant and export tea. Taiwan's tea industry development significantly.

Between the Qing dynasty (1875 ~ 1908)
Zhang brothers pure imported from Anxi Tie Guan Yin tea in Mucha Zhanghu Mountain cultivation, and is said today Mucha Tieguanyin beginning.

The government began to promote tea. Oolong tea is no longer by the United States market favor, unmarketable, resulting in the rise of the tea bag. Chinese merchants Chunsheng, Taiwan merchants Lin Weiyuan rise, rise and breakthrough in the situation dominated by the Taiwan Tea for foreigners as well as the merchants groups in Taiwan.

During the Japanese occupation
Taiwan tea varieties in addition to the originally from Fujian Province, the incoming outside, after the Japanese calendar year of the trial, and finally elected the green heart Oolong, green heart of a great, big leaf oolong and hard branches hearts of the four varieties of incentives to promote the planting. Japanese and promote the cultivation of tea.

World War II
Due to the outbreak of war, all food and labor scarcity, part of the tea plantations replant food crops other than the original bet in the tea gardens in rural areas of human migrated to other areas, resulting in the tea industry in Taiwan are withering, almost cut by more than 90 percent .

Period of National Government
With Taiwan's economic takeoff, the people living and diet with a new pursuit, so around the tea houses have been established, become important in the lives of people recreation space for tea.

The revitalization of the production of green tea for this period of recovery of tea plants, improved varieties of tea, improved the method of a variety of tea, tea product diversification, promotion of the tea-growing areas. Makes the originally exported mainly to Taiwan's tea industry into a domestic-based, making the stagnant tea industry to recover again.
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