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The health benefits of Chinese White Tea

White tea is the specialty of Fujian and Zhejiang Anji, the main producing areas in Fuding, governance, Songxi, Jianyang. The white primary processing the basic process is the process of withering and baking (or dried), pick the tick, complex fire. Withering is the key process of the formation of white tea quality. White tea bud cents a complete shape or form freely and flowers, full of wearing cents cents Hong clear soup color clear significant green, light taste sweet after the quality characteristics.
White tea anti-cancer, anti-cancer, heatstroke, detoxification, Toothache, especially children aged white tea can be used as measles antipyretics, anti-fever effect is better than antibiotics.
Health tea market research shows that white tea with other tea inherent nutrients, it also contains the activity of enzymes necessary for the body, domestic and international medical studies have shown long-term drinking white tea can significantly improve the activity of the intimate lipase (lipoproteinlipase) to promote fat catabolism effective control of insulin secretion, delaying the intestinal absorption of grapes powder, decomposition of the excess sugar of the blood, promote blood sugar balance. White tea with a rich variety of amino acids, the nature of cold, with fever Qushu detoxification of reactive, sip a cup of White Peony tea producing areas in summer, few people would heat stroke. White Peony is one of the local farmers essential summer white. Is widely regarded as the treatment of patients with conservation of measles medicine in North China and Fujian origin. Therefore, the Qing Dynasty celebrity week Lianggong contained in the "Min Ji": "Silver Needle Pekoe, to production Taimushan David snow cave, and its cold, work with rhino horn, San drugs cure the measles. The now Taimushan there is a 170 years old the original mother tree of Fudingdabaicha Dubbed the "green snow bud".
White tea, the longer the storage time, the higher its medicinal value. White Tea is also rich in vitamin a former, it is absorbed by the body, it can be quickly converted into vitamin a, vitamin a synthesis of rhodopsin, enables the eye to see things more clearly in the dark light, can prevent night blindness and dry eye . While white tea, there is radiation substances, the hematopoietic function of the human body has significant protective effect can reduce the radiation hazards of TV. Therefore, in the process of watching TV, drink some white tea do any harm, especially children should be promoted to drink white tea, eye protection and fitness.
Flavonoid-rich white tea tablets dihydromyricetin natural substances. When excessive alcohol intake, more than human liver metabolic capacity and ability to detoxify alcohol will have direct or indirect damage to liver cells and stimulate fat synthesis, hypoxia, produce acetaldehyde induction of the respective enzyme activity disrupts liver metabolism and so on. Caused by a series of clinical symptoms, lead to alcoholic hepatitis, fatty liver, liver fibrosis resulting in the occurrence of cirrhosis and even liver cancer. In addition, the ethanol metabolite acetaldehyde is the main reason for dizziness after drinking the next day and evil drunk, is the main substance damaging to the liver.
A large number of clinical trials proved that the rich white piece of dihydromyricetin and flavonoid natural substances can protect the liver, speed up the ethanol metabolite acetaldehyde rapid decomposition, into non-toxic substances and reduce damage to liver cells.
The other hand, dihydromyricetin to improve the increase in liver cell damage caused by serum lactate dehydrogenase activity, inhibition of hepatic M cells in the formation of collagen fibers, which play the role of the Liver Liver, a significant reduction of ethanol on liver injury, the liver of the normal state to be restored quickly.
At the same time, the rapid onset of dihydromyricetin and lasting effect, Liver Liver, hangover hangover yield.

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