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The effect of chrysanthemum tea and function introduction

The effect of chrysanthemum tea and function introductionChrysanthemum is our traditional Chinese herbal medicines commonly used one," compendium of Materia Medica" of chrysanthemum tea effect is documented in detail: sex pleasant, slightly cold, with scattered wind-heat, Pinggan Mingmu effect. Chrysanthemum in addition to having very high medicinal value and health care function, there are many." Fill farming book" contains:" chamomile of Gan Wen, long take the most useful." To the Yuan Dynasty," Materia Medica" contains:" Commentaries on chrysanthemum can nourish yin." Li Shizhen in the" compendium of Materia Medica" set: " chrysanthemum can benefit five veined, adjustable limbs, head wind heat treatment." Visible, chrysanthemum in addition to have medicinal value, and the health care function. But due to different chrysanthemum tea functions vary, so should be based on individual needs to select the drinking.The effect of chrysanthemum tea and function mainly embodied in the following aspects:1, Mingmu eyeChrysanthemum on the treatment of eye fatigue, blurred vision have a good effect, the chrysanthemum has since ancient times to know the role of eye protection. The chrysanthemum is rich in vitamin A, is an important substance for maintaining eye health, therefore, also a traditional Chinese medicine treatment of various eye diseases. Often feel dry eyes, especially computer use, may wish to drink some chrysanthemum tea. Chrysanthemum can detoxify, if the morning eye redness, swelling and pain can alleviate the binocular.In 2, clearing away heat and toxic materialWild chrysanthemum flower has a good detoxification Qingre detumescence, generally used for fire. If because of dry fire caused acne, sore throat, headache, wind-heat, oral ulcers, wild chrysanthemum the best effect.3, bactericidal and antiphlogisticModern research indicates that, the chrysanthemum Decoction and flooding agent on a variety of bacteria, virus inhibitory effect on cold, has the very good prevention effect.In 4, the anti-cancerNational University of Singapore research group found through research, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine chrysanthemum helps to eliminate cancer cells.Research shows, chrysanthemum contains a known flavonoid antioxidants. This kind of material in combination with chemotherapy can be concentrated source of cells and kill them, so that the chemotherapy has a better therapeutic effect.So far, the study group has gone through3 years, studied flavonoids on intestinal, neck and chest cancer cell efficacy, and satisfactory results are obtained.5, radiationResearch shows that often drink chrysanthemum tea has radiation effect, because it has the effect of detoxification, the accumulation of harmful chemical and radioactive substances, there is resistance, exclude the effect. Therefore, chrysanthemum tea daily contact with the office of electronic pollution owners essential choice.6, preventing lead poisoningThe domestic scholar Feng Chang on Chrysanthemum tea experiment of expelling lead roles were studied, found in Chrysanthemum morifolium selenium element and metal elements have very strong affinity, in vivo with lead guitar synthesis selenoproteins complexes to discharge in vitro, lower blood lead; in addition, iron, zinc and other metal elements on lead absorption also have certain antagonistic effect. So often drink chrysanthemum tea can prevent lead poisoning.
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