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Introdunction of Yellow tea

Yellow tea, the origin of the name: Roasted Green Tea, crank up, rolled after drying, inadequate or not timely, leaf color is yellow, so a new category - yellow tea. Yellow tea's quality is characterized by yellow leaves yellow soup. The yellow boring heap Ottawa yellow tea process. Yellow tea is divided into three types of yellow bud, yellow tea and yellow tea.


Yellow tea is our specialty. Fresh leaves Laonen divided into small yellow tea and yellow tea. Mongolian top yellow tips, Silver Needle, Weishan Maojian, Binh Duong Huang Tang are yellow tea; Huoshan, Anhui, Hubei Yingshan produced some of the yellow tea was yellow tea. Yellow tea's quality is characterized by yellow leaves yellow soup. Yueyang in Hunan is the hometown of Chinese yellow tea.

Yellow tea processing methods similar to green tea, its production process as follows: The fresh leaves fixing rolling - boring yellow dry yellow tea bud and leaf tea shoots shoots have different requirements: In addition to yellow tea requires a bud 4,5 leaf shoots, the rest of the yellow tea on shoots, "delicate, fresh, uniform homogeneous, pure" common ground
Fixing of yellow tea, rolling, drying and other processes are similar to green tea production method, the most important processes is boring yellow, which is the key to the formation of the characteristics of yellow tea, the main approach is to crank up and rolled tea wrapped in paper. covered with a damp cloth or accumulation time ranging from tens of minutes or several hours, prompting tea billet hydrothermal effect of non-enzymatic auto-oxidation, the formation of yellow.

Yellow tea production process

Production characteristics of
The quality characteristics of yellow tea is yellow soup yellow leaves, the system of law is mainly characterized by stuffy yellow process, the use of high-temperature fixing to destroy the enzyme activity, followed by the oxidation of polyphenols is caused due to hot and humid role, and some colored material. Color to a lesser extent, yellow tea, weight, and the formation of black tea.
The typical process is to crank up, boring yellow, dry, rolled, not yellow tea essential process.
Production process
1. fixation
Yellow tea by fixing to destroy the activity of the enzyme and evaporation of part of the water, distributing grass gas, an important role in the formation of the flavor.
2. stuffy yellow
Boring yellow yellow tea manufacturing process characteristics, the key process for the formation of yellow yellow soup. From fixation to
The dry end can be thought tea leaves yellowing to create a hot and humid conditions, but as the process of a tea, some tea after fixing boring yellow, and some boring yellow in the hair after the fire, and some boring fried alternately. Different ways for different quality of tea, but the same thing, is to form a good quality characteristics of yellow yellow soup.
Factors of the boring yellow tea water content and leaf temperature. Water content, leaf temperature and the higher, the faster the yellowing process in hot and humid conditions.
3. dry
Dry yellow tea several times, the temperature is lower than other teas.
Raw materials and delicate yellow bud, pick a single bud or a bud processing, including Yueyang, Hunan Dongting Lake Junshan Silver Needle, Ya'an, Sichuan Mingshan, Mengding yellow tips "and Anhui Huoshan" Huo Shan Huang bud ".
Yellow small tea picking tender shoots processed, including Yueyang, Hunan Peikang Tippy Ningxiang "Weishan Tippy", the the Hubei far Yuan'an luyuan "and in the vicinity of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, Binh Duong Binh Duong yellow soup". Large yellow tea picking a bud, clover and even one made shoots four or five leaves as raw material, including Anhui Huo Shan Huo Shan Huang tea and Guangdong Shaoguan, Zhaoqing, Zhanjiang, Guangdong large Yeh .

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