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Characteristics and Category of yellow tea

Characteristics of yellow tea

The production of the yellow tea and green tea are similar, the difference is more than a boring heap process. This boring heap process is the main features of the yellow tea production method, the basic differences with green tea. The green tea is not fermented, and the yellow tea is a fermented tea.
Bud and leaf tea, yellow tea, have different requirements: In addition to yellow tea requires a bud 4,5 leaf shoots shoots shoots the rest of the yellow tea has requirements on the shoots, "delicate, fresh, uniform homogeneous, pure common.
Yellow tea in the tea: Silver Needle, Mongolian top yellow tips, Peikang Tippy, Tippy deer park, Huo Shan Huang Ya, Wei Jiang white Tippy, Wenzhou yellow soup, the Wanxi yellow tea, Guangdong Tai Yeh, hippocampus Palace tea, etc. .
Yellow tea, according to the tenderness of the fresh leaves and shoots size, divided into three types of yellow bud, yellow tea and yellow tea.

Yellow Tea Category
Yellow bud delicate raw material, processed from picking a single bud or a bud. Include: Yueyang in Hunan Dongting Lake Chun-shan, "Silver Needle", Ya'an, Sichuan Mingshan, Mengding yellow tips "and Anhui Huoshan" Huo Shan Huang Ya ".

Silver Needle (Jun Shan Yin Zhen)
Yellow bud of the best, the finished tea, the shape of strong straight, the Shigemi uniform Qi, Yin Hao disclosed, bud body gold Tommy Wong, endoplasmic cents fragrant and fresh, the soup apricot bright and clean, heavy and mellow taste of glycol. Prestigious international and domestic market are long and worth daughter (now Beijing market retail price of Jin more than a thousand). Silver Needle features:
1. A tea form tight upright
2. Bud body golden color Yun Liang
3. high aroma
4 apricot clear soup
4 full-bodied flavor cool sweet
5 Securinega bright yellow.

Anhui Huo Shan Huang Ya
Is also the treasures of the yellow bud. Huoshan County, produced in Anhui Province, Dabie Mountain area has a long history of the Huoshan tea production, Huoshan ancient is Shouzhou that production they produced yellow tips both for tea the best from the Tang dynasty, the Ming and Qing as a palace tribute . "Tang Dynasty Supplement." Qunfang spectrum are recorded. Huo Shan Huang Ya require fresh leaves of delicate fresh, generally the day of mining buds the day of production, fixing points. The beginning of drying. Spreading complex bake enough to bake the five processes, spreading and complex baked so that it will the tide turn yellow.
Huo Shan Huang Ya characteristics: 1. Tea shaped delicate and more bright. Shaped like a bird tip 2. Brown yellow. 3 aroma Li Hong. Soup Huanglv Qing Ming (5) flavor mellow will Gan 6. Huang Liang Securinega tender uniform thick

Chuanmeng top yellow tips
Produced in Sichuan Mingshan Monsanto. Monsanto produced tea, a very long history, Mongolian top tea since the Tang Zhiming clear, are well-known tribute tea. Now is a lot of teahouses. Tea suspension, "the Yangtze River water, tea on Mengding" couplet, seen far-reaching effects of Mongolian top tea. The annual spring equinox began the plucking Mengding yellow tea, choose fat bud a bud early development, by fixing at the package. Complex speculation, made of eight processes.
Mongolia top yellow tips of characteristics: (1) Tea flat straight, bud cents absolutely shattered. Brown color Lunatia 3. Sweet dissolved Yu 4. Soup Huang Liang 5. Securinega yellow uniform light

Small yellow tea
Picking tender shoots processed. Mainly including: Hunan Yueyang the "North Port Tippy", Hunan Ningxiang the "Weishan white Tippy", Hubei far safety of the "far security deer park" Anhui "Wanxi Yellow small tea" and Zhejiang Wenzhou, Pingyang the vicinity of the "Pingyang yellow soup .
Peikang Tippy: Yueyang in Hunan Yueyang since ancient times as a tourist attraction. Its production the Beigang in the Tang Dynasty, the tea is very famous. The Beigang originated Meixi total length of more than 2 km, named in Nangang the North. Kang Township, Yueyang City, North Port Lake area, the Peikang Tippy origin. Peikang Tippy mining generally after 5-6 days of the Ching Ming, fresh leaves of the standard of a bud, clover, election sunny mining practice, and non-mining insect injury leaves, purple leaf fish leaf pedicled tenderness points Special No. 1 - on the 4th of five grades.
The Ningxiang Weishan white Tippy: produced in Weishan of Ningxiang County, Hunan Province in western Gansu, Xinjiang and other provinces, commodity sales. Weishan Mountain White Tippy manufacturing sub-fixing, boring yellow, gentle rolling, baking, sorting tick, fume six process, flue gas for ordinary tea avoid, not to mention the famous tea. Pleasant to the nose of incense smoke, but it is the the Weishan white Tippy quality characteristics. The Weishan white Tippy quality is characterized by overall margin slightly curled into a blocky, color Huang Liang, oily, pekoe revealed bright orange soup, pine incense smoke fragrance and strong taste of alcohol sweet tasty, the bottom of Huang Liang tender uniform. The Weishan white Maojian popular frontier people love, as a tea ceremony of the treasures.

Large yellow tea
Picking a bud, clover and even one made shoots four or five leaves as raw material. Include: Anhui Huoshan "Huo Shan Huang tea", the Jinzhai Anhui, Lu'an, Yuexi and Hubei Yingshan produced "yellow tea" and Guangdong Shaoguan, Zhaoqing, Zhanjiang, Guangdong large Yeh .
Anhui Huo Shan Huang Tea: Among them, the most expensive the Huoshan Dahua the Ping Jinjishan King Kong Taiwan produced by large yellow tea, dried tea, natural color, was golden, fragrant, rich and resistant foam.
Guangdong's large Yeh
Guangdong specialty. The system of law is withering after fixing, and then rolled bored pile. This is different from the other yellow tea. The quality of the product with the general characteristics of the yellow tea. Is also attributable to common tea. Its origin in Shaoguan, Guangdong Province, Zhaoqing, Zhanjiang counties. Guangdong large Yeh quality is characterized by the appearance of the cable stout and strong, tight knot, Shigemi, old or young, uniform leaf sheets complete, was cents, Green Run, color was yellow, pure aroma, mellow taste to Gan, bright orange soup , phyllotaxis sulphureum. Product 1-5 level.

The Guizhou hippocampus Palace tea
Eagle Rock produced in Dafang County, Guizhou Province, at the foot of the hippocampus Palace Township. The hippocampus Palace tea is collected in the local variety of small groups, with hair holding the tender and strong characteristics. Guyu before and after mining. Picking standards; a tea for the early development of a bud; two tea for a bud and two leaves, three tea as a bud clover. Hippocampus Palace tea is tea, yellow tea. With the cable tight knot curly hair revealed, green high mellow, sweet aftertaste, the soup is Huanglv Ming Liang, the bottom yellow bright Leveling.

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