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How to brewing yellow tea

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Yellow tea is lightly fermented cereal processing approximate green tea, just add a "boring yellow" process in the drying process before or after, to promote its polyphenols chlorophyll and other material and partial oxidation.

Silver Needle, Mongolian top yellow tips, Huo Shan Huang Ya.

Teaset or teaware
Glass or tureen, especially in the glass bubble Silver Needle is the best, enjoy the tea-like group shoots a ground-breaking, slowly lifting, heap Green Emerald, "three ups and downs," the wit and spectacle.

The amount of tea
With a capacity of tea and placed fourth tea.

Temperature of the water
85 degrees Celsius

Brewing time
The first bubble: thirty seconds
The second bubble: 60 seconds
The third bubble: two minutes

Health effects
Refreshing, eliminate fatigue, digestion of stagnation. The most beneficial on the stomach, indigestion, loss of appetite, lazy move Obesity.

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