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The history of yellow tea

Yellow tea since ancient times to the different historical periods, different observation methods has given the concept of yellow tea

Yellow tea with a different meaning. The earliest recorded history of the concept of yellow tea, yellow tea, referred to in different today is in accordance with the original features of the tea varieties, the growth of tea shoots naturally revealed yellow. Enjoyed a prestigious the Anhui Shouzhou yellow tea and as a tribute tea four Chuanmeng top yellow tips in the Tang Dynasty, named after the shoots naturally yellow.

In history, did not result in the classification theory of tea before and many consumers, most with an intuitive sense of identify yellow tea. Such identification of yellow tea, to confuse the very different processing methods and quality of tea several tea and tea related to a variety of different quality. As mentioned above, yellow tea, named after the fresh leaves with bright yellow shoots, in fact, green tea class. There to collect and process the rough old green tea, green tea sun and Chan green tea; of even the heart of the green tea, packet kinds are yellow yellow soup, it is easily mistaken for a yellow tea.

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