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Pu-erh Cha, Belong to black tea

Belong to black tea, because the origin of old Yunnan Pu'er prefecture (now city ), so the name. Now it refers to Pu'er tea production tea, Pu'er tea is a recognized District of Yunnan large-leafed green sun Maocha for raw materials, after the fermentation process into a loose tea and tea. Beautiful brown red color, strong aroma endoplasmic Tang Shaihong bright, unique flavor, taste mellow back to Gan, the bottom of the leaf red brown. Tea and tea division, tea natural health tea fermentation, artificial ripening. " The Chen Yuexiang" is recognized as the Pu'er tea other tea features the largest difference," Shannon Chen Jiu, Fang Lan, for all the Millennium tea." Pu'er tea is the" entrance antique", different from the other tea is new, Pu'er tea is" Chen" tend to rise gradually along with the time.
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