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The aroma of Gui Hua Oolong tea

The aroma of Gui Hua Oolong tea, osmanthus fragrance, a be struck with fright. Oolong tea mainly to the year or next year summer, autumn tea as raw material.Quality characteristics, thick cord flavour, colour Brown run, decorous meaningful aroma, taste mellow, soup color is bright orange, dark brown soft bottom of leaves.Green tea in Qiu knot scattered tiny spots of Golden Flower cuttings, after drinking, refreshed, the whole person is fragrant. Osmanthus Oolong production very particular about tea, a layer of a layer of osmanthus, cache dense deposit, Kaifeng after the skim osmanthus not, stay a little, for guests to see, that is the real osmanthus oolong, osmanthus unprofessional to many measure tea authentic, is preposterous.

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:) I like the Olong from ChineseTeaArt very much. I will buy more. Thank you!
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