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10 types of Pu-erh Tea

10 types of  Pu-erh Tea1, tea cake : a flat disk, wherein seven cakes every357 grams net, each of the seven is a cylinder, each cylinder is heavy 2500 grams, named seven cakes. Tea cake tea, Tuocha2: shape and size of each job, net weight 100grams,250 grams, now there are tuo Mini each weighing 2grams,5 grams.3, brick tea: rectangular or square,250 grams,1000 grams of majority, made of the shape is mainly in order to facilitate the transport.4, pumpkin Puer tea: pressed into a size ranging from half melon-shaped, from 100 grams to several hundred catties have.In 5, two thousand tea: pressed into ranging in size from the compact strip type, each tea weight is heavier ( the smallest tea has100 kilograms ), named: two thousand tea6, loose tea: tea process without pressing molding, teas for bulk type tea for the tea powder, and divided with a tea made of rope thick hypertrophy leaf tea, is also useful for bud tip portion made of tiny strips of shoot tip of tea.7, mushroom tea tight: pressed into a mushroom shaped tea, weighs in at about 250grams.8, column tea: suppress growth of columnar Pu'er tea, and then wrapped in bamboo or Xun Ke outside, weight from 100grams, big to kg.9, seven cakes: round cake usually seven packed into a barrel, so called seven cakes, weight from25 grams, big to 3 kg.In 10, little Jin Tuo: Circular Tuocha, fashion, the most popular network carrying, weight 2grams. The world's smallest Pu'er tea.
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