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Somthing about drink tea-2

6, pregnant women, children could drink tea?
Pregnant women, children generally should not drink tea, will bring too much stimulus to the fetus due to too thick tea, excessive caffeine makes pregnant women, tachycardia, and children, too. It is generally in favor of pregnant women, and children should drink weak tea, drink some weak tea, add some vitamins and potassium, zinc and other mineral nutrients. Children the right amount of tea to strengthen the stomach and intestines to help digestion; tea has the effect of heat pathogenic fire, to protect children from dry stool caused by anal fissure. In addition, children tea or gargle with tea can also prevent tooth decay.

Zhili, with tea?
Tea polyphenols substances to kill or inhibit the effectiveness of a variety of bacteria, so you can use tea to treatment of bacillary dysentery. The approach is first green tea research into a powder, drink some tea and continue to the end of the 3 grams of tea with warm tea delivery service, three times a day to get a good effect.

8, with tea to wash your face, feet, hair washing, bathing, mouth What are the benefits?
Wash your face with tea, a bath, can reduce the incidence of skin diseases, and can make the skin shiny, smooth and soft. Deposited in the eye black circle with gauze dipped in tea, 1-2 times daily, 20-30 minutes each time, you can eliminate dark circles. Residue even use the tea hands and feet can prevent chapped, and can control the eczema, itching, reduce the odor of sweaty feet. Shampoo with tea, you can make the hair black, soft, shiny appearance; eyebrow brush with tea to make eyebrows become bushy and bright, gargle with tea, you can eliminate bad breath, dental protection, prevention and treatment of oral diseases.

9, eaten pickled vegetables and cured meat products, why would someone drink tea?
Pickled vegetables such as kimchi, Xiancai and cured meat such as bacon, bacon, ham, sausage, etc., often contain more nitrates, food in the case of secondary amines exist at the same time, nitrate and secondary amines chemical reaction to produce nitrosamines, nitrosamines is a dangerous carcinogen, can easily cause cell mutations and cancer-causing. Tea catechins in blocking nitrosamine, consumption of pickled vegetables and cured meat products, you should drink some senior high catechin content of green tea, can inhibit carcinogen formation, but also enhance immune function, healthy.

10, why diabetes patients should drink tea?
The symptoms of diabetic patients with high blood sugar, thirst, fatigue. The experiments show that tea can effectively lower blood sugar, and thirst quencher, enhance the physical effect. Diabetic patients are generally advised to drink green tea, slightly increased the amount of tea, and one day may be brewing several times, maintain a sufficient concentration of the active ingredients of the tea in the body. Tea while eating pumpkin foods, such synergies. For one month, you can usually obtain a good effect.

11 more to lose weight drink tea?
In terms of pure tea, the general experience that drinking oolong tea, Tuo, Pu'er tea and brick tea brick tea is more conducive to lipid-lowering diet. A variety of weight loss tea health tea, available on the market, such as Ning Hong diet tea, bodybuilding diet tea, seven beads bodybuilding tea, Tea, tea is the basis together with the cassia, hawthorn, lotus leaf a variety of herbs, and packaged into tea bags. Easy to drink, efficacy varies from person to person, each with a certain indications.

12, to drink tea benefits
The black tea is baked after fermentation by fermentation of tea in the role of the oxidase into the red oxide, become black tea. Tea moderate character, full of flavor, in addition to containing a variety of water-soluble vitamin is also rich in trace elements potassium, when 70% of the after brewing potassium can dissolve in tea. Potassium enhanced the role of the cardiac blood circulation, and reduce the consumption of calcium in the body. Contains manganese due to the black tea is one of the bone structure indispensable element, and thus adds to the growing black tea good for your bones strong. Foreign sources, however, often drink tea as well as prevention and treatment of influenza, stroke and skin cancer effect.
Studies have shown that black tea contains a flavonoid compound, its role is similar to antioxidants, to prevent strokes and heart attacks. A recent U.S. study showed that: a day to drink a cup of tea and tea compared to the former risk of heart disease than lower than 40%.

13, after a meal should not be drinking
Tea immediately after a meal, is bound to dilute the gastric juice, affecting the digestion of food, while the tannins in tea can make food in the solidified substance to increase the burden on the stomach, and affect the absorption of the protein. The tea is best in one hour after a meal.

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