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Types of Chinese Teaware

1, clay tea
Leader in the most important pottery Yixing purple clay tea set, teapot its inside does not apply outside the glaze, purple, red mud, Mission Hill, mud kneaded system roasting. Because into pottery fire temperature, sintering dense delicate aggravation, neither leakage, there are invisible to the naked eye holes, and prolonged use can drain attached to the tea, will carry its flavor; and heat transfer unhappiness, not hot; hot days Sheng tea, not easy to acid rancid; hot and cold upheaval, will not break; if necessary, and even direct braising and stewing on the stove. Yixing tea also has a concise style and generous, honest quaint characteristics of the tone, the shape like bamboo knot, lotus root, pine segments and imitation of the Shang and Zhou ancient bronzes shape.
2, porcelain tea set
1) white tea: white Jingdezhen porcelain, the most famous, such as Hunan Liling, Tangshan, Hebei, Anhui Keemun tea is also distinctive. The Yuan Dynasty, Jingdezhen blue and white porcelain is famous for, and sold abroad.
2) celadon tea sets: celadon tea Jin Dynasty began to develop the Song dynasty, one of the five famous kilns in Longquan Ge to reach its peak production of various kinds of green porcelain, including teapot, teacup, tea cup, tea cup, tea tray and so on.
3) black porcelain tea: Fujian in Song Doo tea in vogue, the Jian'an the production of black porcelain tea cup bucket of tea based on the experience that the most appropriate, and therefore well-known fighting tea. Song Cai Xiang tea Records said: "brown white, should be black light, and Chien made, those purple black, pattern, such as rabbit hair, blank micro-thick, long hard cold heat, the most use. Elsewhere, or thin or purple color, will not be and also their plainer light, fighting test at home since the do not. "
3, lacquer tea
Lacquer tea began in the Qing Dynasty, mainly produced in the area of ??Fuzhou, Fujian. Fuzhou production of lacquer tea colorful sand flash "treasure", "Jinsimanao glaze change gold, antique porcelain", "carving the word", "high carving and inlay silver species is to create new technology after the red, such as the gem of the "red gold sand" and "floral", more brighter, eye-catching and cute.
4, glass tea
In modern times, glassware greater development. Transparent glass texture, eye-catching luster, shape plasticity of various shapes, wide range of uses. Glass of tea, the bright color of the tea, the tea's delicate soft, tea wear moving up and down the entire brewing process, the leaves gradually stretch, you can glance, is a dynamic art appreciation. Especially the various types of tea brewing, tea crystal clear, mist misty cup to clarify the green shoots blossoming, slim, pleasing of view, do not have fun. The shortcomings of the glassware is easily broken than the ceramic hot.
5, metal tea
Gold, silver, copper, tin and other metal production of tea, especially the tin as tea utensils storage materials have a greater superiority. Tin cans made more than a small mouth, long-necked, cap for the barrel-shaped, relatively sealed, moisture, oxidation, anti-light, anti-odor has a good effect. Tang Dynasty Royal Palace drinking Guzhu tea, Sands Springs, then to the silver bottle filled with water, direct-Changan, mainly because of its easily broken, but more expensive single cost, ordinary people can not use.
6, bamboo tea
Historically, the vast rural areas, including tea-producing area, using bamboo or wooden bowls tea, cheap, affordable, but the modern has been rarely used. The wood cans, the bamboo canned tea, is still everywhere, especially as the art of the yellow sun the wood tank and Erhuang of bamboo tea, is both a gift for friends and treasures, but also have some practical value.

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