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The shelf life of green tea

There is a shelf life of tea, but the varieties of tea, different kinds of tea shelf life is not the same. Like brick tea of Yunnan Pu'er tea, ethnic minorities, aging but better shelf life of up to 10 to 20 years. Again Wuyi Rock Tea, the next year Chen tea but aroma fragrance, mellow taste; Hunan black tea, Fu brick tea in Hubei, Guangxi six tea, as long as stored properly, not only will not be bad, or even to improve the quality of tea.

General tea fresh is better. Such as green tea, the shelf life at room temperature is generally about a year. However, the factors that affect the quality of tea, temperature, light, and humidity. If you store the right way, to reduce or eliminate these factors, the tea can be a long shelf life.

To judge whether the tea expired, the following main aspects: it is not moldy, and or appear Chen taste; green tea is not red, brown soup, dark; concentration of taste, convergence and Xianshuang decreased, in addition to see if it packaging on shelf life, the other tea in bulk, preferably not more than 18 months and then brewed into tea.

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