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Detailed step-by-step instructions for brew Kung Fu tea

Many of the tea is not a study of people, heard of Kung Fu tea, always thought that this is also a kind of tea, but otherwise, kung fu tea, tea is a skill, not a tea or tea name. This kind of tea is extremely exquisite, the operation still need time, hence the name of Kung Fu tea. Then the bubble tea specific steps should be like, that is to say the kung fu tea what needs attention. We will learn how to learn.Good Kung Fu tea can be said to be a melting spirit, etiquette, tea, tea, tea art skills assessment quality as one of the complete tea form.First of all, we should know, kung fu tea using tea should be generally is semi-fermented tea, green tea, oolong tea also. As one of China's ten famous tea of Anxi a variety of Oolong tea, as well as daffodils and Phoenix tea. The tea is semi-fermented tea, fermentation degree between red, green tea, can make Kung Fu Tea required color fragrance.Secondly, kung fu tea with high concentration is known, early drinking often only aware of its bitter taste, and habits would find other tea is really not taste.Kung Fu including stoves, red obliterate small oven, high one foot two inches, tea pot for white mud system, boiler bottom two inches, a big, single handle long nearly three inches, the flush tank such as red persimmon as big, but Chaozhou mud pottery pots, cups as walnut, but porcelain products, its wall is thin.Tea pool shape such as a drum, porcelain, by one as" drums " dish and a similar" drum body round cans.". The plate has small four, used for water leakage. Round tank is used to accommodate missing by plate waste tea.Kung Fu tea used in the rinse tank ( pot ), not to buy it, and the first to raise a pot of tea"". A small pot, must first to" wash tea" ( i.e. the first tea tea ) water frequently poured therein, raise on March superabundant, be used formally.Standard Kung Fu tea, after the fire, shrimp to be water (just open water), poke tea, with tea, hot cup, hot pot ( pot), high impact, low pour, cover foam ( to the kettle cover will float to the top foam erase ), with top ten law.Kung Fu Tea general subject and four, master personally operation. The first ignition boil water, and the tea into the flush tank, how much to occupy its volume seven is appropriate. When the water is flushed into the tank after the cover of foam. The first cup, beginning to make tea pouring cup, aims to cause the spirit of tea," out and out of the atmosphere. Washed after tea, and then into the shrimp to be water, at this time, tea has a bubble, of taste, can pour out.When tea, four cups and Wai together, red tank to the shuttle tour between four cup, until each cup reached a full seven. At this time the tea pot should also be well filled, remaining Yu Jin needs one point one heads are sequentially into four cup. Tide Shan person this process as " Lord Guan City Patrol" and" Han Xin soldier". Four cups of tea in the amount, color shall be uniformly the same side as the finest, kung fu.Finally, the master will pour Billy tea, according to seniority of decision in the hands of the passenger, respect first chief, then around the guests, his last.And How to brewing pu-erh?
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