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Should use what tea set drink Tieguanyin tea?

Many people like one of China's top ten tea Anxi Tieguanyin tea, since want to drink tea, there must be appropriate and tea to tea, then, Tieguanyin tea tea tea tea drinking what? Tureen, purple sand pot brewing tea is good choice!Black tea, green tea, oolong tea Tieguanyin tea division, tea is not, but in a variety of Oolong tea. Tea green tea, black tea, points for oolong tea. Tieguanyin Shannon Gao Yunchang, mellow sweet and fresh, quality extraordinary, renowned at home and abroad, known as the" longevity tea"," green tea, tea in the champagne"," the most beautiful and attractive natural flower". What tea to make oolong tea is the best?In fact, bubble bubble good Tieguanyin with tureen. Because the cover is white porcelain production, not smoking, thermal conductivity fast. Tieguanyin for bead tea, dry tea and unfolded volume differs very big, benefit of its foliage tureen stretch, with appreciation the phyllotaxis. But modern Tieguanyin tea fragrance are the basic approach, namely light fermentation light a fire, and traditional Tieguanyin is different, so pay more attention to its scent, solid in Tureen brewing, when opening the bowl cover the smell of cover incense, which is incomparable in purple sand pot. Also known as" Sancai Cup" the bowl, cover for the day, the cup, care for, for heaven and earth, also known as the tea when heaven, can taste the real taste of tea.However, with a purple bubble tea is better. Because purple is the biggest benefit of smell, and taste tea when a request the relevant. Teapot tea pot, sound slightly more preferably with bubble heavy taste tea such as oolong tea, Tieguanyin. Capacity at 200ml below the low level of purple sand pot is suitable to drink tea, because tea can instantly reach high temperature, just to meet the requirements of Tieguanyin tea. Buy a new pot of first Kaihu, is you to bubble tea boil, remove purple noisy mud smell, this after the pot only bubble tea, bubble tea is the color fragrance. Because the first pot teapot bubble tea, it will put the tea aroma all sucked into the teapot wall inside, when you are in a bubble a pot of tea, tea aroma from the teapot which seeps, tea more fragrant! Used for a long time the purple sand pot pour boiling water into it, even though only white, can also have the flavor of tea! This is expensive in purple sand pot! If you drink it should use the special purple sand pot!
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