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Tieguanyin tea preservation methods

Tea unlike other things, we may be one-time purchase of more, stored in the home, a period of time in drinking. Therefore, how to properly preserve Anxi Tieguanyin tea is that we must understand the.In order to better preserve Anxi Tieguanyin tea, total demand is low temperature and vacuum sealing, so in a short period of time can be fully guaranteed Tieguanyin tea aroma, but in the actual storage, also need to be adjusted according to different. Some tea often appear tea preservation time is not long but not start color fragrance bubble drink tea, the reason basically has the following several points:1, tea after fermentation drying degree. The tea production technology is moving in the direction of light fermentation, the intermediate sense of town tea is a typical representative, in the light of fermentation, tea easy to reflect the high tea fragrant orchid, also more beautiful ( present standard of mung bean soup ), but let dry tea aroma general embodiment, tea won't overdry, tea containing certain moisture, such tea in the later preservation must need to pay attention to tea at low temperature and sealing, to reduce the water content in tea in rats. If the tea baking relatively dry, begins to feel very crisp and dry, so the tea on the low temperature required is relatively low.2, tea fermentation degree of control experienced business people in the control of tea fermentation will give full consideration to market circulation and preservation issues, so in the tea will be through the fermentation degree of control to keep tea fresh, popular speaking we all know wave crests and troughs that curve, then the tea if fermentation in the approaching peak hold, then the tea making through the passage of time after fermentation, the tea can be preserved longer period of time, if the tea has begun to let its fermentation to wave crest, the preservation process should pay attention to inhibition of tea after fermentation of formation conditions, namely temperature control and air contact, if the tea fermentation has come to crest, tea hard into the superior realm.Family preservation Tieguanyin method:In general, we bought Anxi Tieguanyin tea basically is each bubble 7grams of packaging tea packaging, this method utilizes a vacuum compression packing, if this is the packaging, with outer packaging, if you recently ( within 20 days ) will finish, generally only placed in the shade, keep in dark place, if you want to achieve the preservation of Tieguanyin tea the best result and the length of time words, suggested in frozen box5 degrees below zero preservation, so as to achieve the best results.However, the oolong tea as a drink, even if it has been drying compressed package, it doesn't mean you can permanently, if you want to drink tea fresh taste, suggest to buy home Tieguanyin tea best has been placed in the ice box5 degrees below zero preservation, most do not exceed one year, to within half a drink!
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