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Green tea on steroids with dilution effect

The UK anti-doping laboratory experiment results show that green tea can reduce the body, testosterone levels, which may make the athletes taking steroids in urine of slip by, the World Anti-Doping Agency officials have expressed concern over the.This home is located in the Essex town of Harlow laboratory, will be responsible for the London Olympics athletes urine testing. But in this experiment scientists also admitted that, now get the data was just a laboratory, human testing work to do.In this experiment, the researchers to testosterone added green tea and white tea extract, is also the catechin, then test the enzyme can also detect testosterone, testosterone enzyme is usually used to detect protein. Test results show that the catechin, testosterone levels decreased by thirty percent. When testosterone concentrations slightly above normal levels, catechin dilution effect is the most obvious. The researchers also rodent animal experiments, obtained the same results and laboratory.The earliest found that green tea on testosterone influence the occurrence of the University of Kingston was the Declan Norton and his colleagues, they found the name in the tea catechin compounds, inhibition of an enzyme called UGT2B17. This enzyme converts glucuronic acid attachment in testosterone, to make it seem more like being excreted in the urine. Catechins in green tea and white tea in the presence of both, but in black tea does not exist.The World Anti-Doping Agency ( Wada ) banned such as diuretics may obscure stimulant medications, but for the effect of green tea, they only concern. Wada science director Oliver Rabin said:" like so ordinary drinks can have a great influence on steroids, ( is ) a very interesting thing. Maybe we should adjust the detecting method, in the identification of athletes urine is positive before, must make clear whether the inspection results by the food, drug, or training methods of interference."King's College London drug control center also for the London Olympics urinalysis laboratory, the center of the R & D department director Kirkman thinks, green tea is not possible for the Olympic Games bring negative impact test. He said:" even if it is not kept on drinking tea, the effect is also very limited. Can you imagine a taking doping athletes, would be foolish to through non-stop drinking green tea or Bai Chalai escaped the urine test? If it is me, is simply not possible on the day of the game on a cup of tea drink."
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