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Man tea matters needing attention

Tea in china. For over 3000 years, in the habit of drinking tea has undergone many changes. A study on modern people 's habit of drinking survey, six adult expressed his love for tea;50% of them are at work to develop the habit of drinking tea; another three adult is in the parents under the influence of love tea. The main purpose for tea,55% of the respondents said to health,30% of the people is to refresh, the remaining 15% is in order to lose weight. The surveys also show that, for most people stay in " drink tea" level, the tea culture and tea knowledge to understand only accounts for less than two into.Man drinking tea to drink""Think through the tea health tea, it is necessary to understand. Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention Institute of nutrition and food safety, Han Chi said:" every kind of tea of different nature, must be chosen for their own tea. For example, everyone said that green tea antioxidant effect is good, but the cold body of people drink it will feel uncomfortable. " Tea of deputy researcher of Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the source said," tea is also exquisite climate, geography".1 see people drink teaA famous Chinese scholar Zhao Yingli said, many people worry about tea will lead to calcium deficiency, as long as not too much to drink strong tea, drink milk and eat tofu, loss of calcium can back up, age can drink some tea.Children can also be appropriate to drink light tea, on the growth of beneficial.Men are fit to drink green tea,3 years of tea, oolong tea, especially of Wuyi rock tea, known as" a man to drink tea";Women may be appropriate to drink some tea, beauty beauty effect, but during the menstrual period, pregnancy need to control tea, menopause can drink tea and single from.2 see seasonal teaSpring tea and single from. Spring focuses on dredging liver qi, and aromatic substances on efficacy, so can drink Phoenix single from and jasmine. But fresh green tea in spring chill is too heavy, not drink, cold body of people paying particular attention to the.Xia Shuang green and a Buddism godness guanyin. Preferred summer thirst-quenching tea. In addition, Tieguanyin, Taiwan high mountain tea is a good choice, good physique of the people can drink for 3years ~ 5years raw puerh.Autumn Oolong due to. Autumn is fit to drink green tea, oolong tea, green tea, black tea taste between, not cold not warm, can remove the body heat and nourishing yin and. Autumn is the most suitable for drinking in the spring and the previous year's Wuyi Yancha Oolong tea.Winter sun tea and cooked pu. Black winter drink can raise Yang, gives a warm feeling; cooked Pu-erh can be the stomach cold, Xiaoshi of the plot.3tea teaZhao Yingli explains, Chinese tea green tea, black tea, is tea, white tea, yellow tea, black tea six categories.Six kinds of different tea has different effects on the body. For example:Green tea - cold, suitable physical side, does flourishing, be full of go man drinking, green tea has good radiation effect, is very suitable for the ordinary man working on computer.White tea - cool, is suitable the crowd and green tea are similar, but" the grass is green tea white tea Chen Cha, Chen Cha is treasure", aged white tea has the effect of Fuzheng lustral.
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