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Jin Junmei preservation method

Jin Junmei is a Wuyishan Lapsang souchong is a branch, is currently China's high-end top black representatives. So precious to Jin Junmei to save the method which to have?Daily life in Jin Junmei preservation method:A storage method, altarUsing altar storage method to use dry without peculiar smell, tight structure of the container, the container having common ceramic tile altar, altar, purple copper stainless steel barrels, storage of tea, the tea wrapped in white paper, put some dry wood charcoal smoke desiccant, desiccant every few months to replace a.Two, bag storage methodIt is now the most common method, general tea shop selling time will be using a bag packaging. Commonly used bags have aluminum foil bag, paper bag, kraft paper, aluminum composite aluminum foil compound bag, every time take out tea should pay attention to good sealing, available transparent adhesive tape sealing.In three, canningCanning is a common storage methods, common market, with tinplate cans, bamboo box, Muhe, jar, a number of high-grade tea with tin cans to save, this is because the tin material dense, rich luster, non-toxic, no smell and not easy to oxidation. Chu Cha can achieve long-term to moisture, oxidation, light, anti-odor effect, to be used for storage tanks if it is double the effect will be better, good tea pot should be placed in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight and damp, in addition had to buy back the pot if there are paint, ink and other peculiar smell, should first open the lid on the ventilation, odor dispersed and package.Four, bottle storage methodUsing waste heat thermos bottle liner for tea, is also a kind of simple practical method in economy, tea, should be the internal biliary cleaned, dried, and then pour the tea. Try to practice with hide, which can discharge air.Correct Jin Junmei preservation method can make tea more Yuexiang Chen, Jin Junmei black has strong oxidation resistance and moisture absorption and adsorption characteristic is because Jin Junmei tea loose texture, high porosity, including complex chemical composition,so Jin Jun Mei black tea are extremely vulnerable to environmental factors, we must pay attention to the storage Jin Junmei environment.
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