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What tea can freckle

Jasmine tea is a woman's love, not only because the tea can reduce weight also has beauty beauty, tea is a pure natural beverage, so the use of Tea Whitening without side effects, but what tea can freckle?What tea can freckle:1: woman, peach flowers, beauty Yang Yan, and can regulate the menstrual blood, can lose weight ( and jade beauty together the effect reducing weight is good! No side effects )In 2, the cuckoo flower tea: skin beauty (attending: menstrual irregularities and other gynecological disease )In 3, violet: Yang Yan-fire, moisturizing the skin, to moisturize the skin, enhance the gloss, UV irradiation.In 4, the jade beauty tea: born in deep mountains and forests in the northeast is a wild plant flowers, natural without any pollution. Efficacy: liver, detoxification, to red eyes, headache, pharyngitis, whitening, beauty beautyIn 5, the carnation : whitening freckle, acne and wrinkles, is the beauty of the famous tea.In 6, snow white tea : the main rose fruit, red plum, peach, efficacy: moderate emotional, beauty beauty, regulating blood gas, and stomach nourishing, whitening.In 7, rose tea: it clear the fire throat, with wrinkles, whitening, the effect of beauty, is the king of flowers.8, Myosotis tea: cosmetic whitening, clear fire eyesight, especially for the freckles acne has certain elimination effect.In 9, red plum : produced in the southwest border area, it is to adjust the endocrine disorder, Jieyu reduce pathogenic fire, blood, spleen and stomach, through main and collateral channels, anti-inflammatory, whitening, promote the new supersedes the old. The efficacy of. Especially in the treatment of endocrine disorders caused by melasma, freckles, chloasma, acne spots, and has obvious curative effect. As for external use can cause the skin to crack, become white and tender, ruddy ideal good supplies.In 10, the lantern tea: pure natural lantern flowers in alpine forest, a biennial blossom, with whitening, beauty beauty, Quhuo, Pinggan Mingmu effect. Pollution-free.11, peony scented tea: nourishing blood and liver, so that blood is abundant, appearance ruddy.12: removing acne and freckle, lavender, to soothe the nerves, whitening firming, repair scarThis paper, we have a clear understanding of what tea can dispel it, long spot MM hurries to move, to join the ranks of whitening.

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