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The types of pot

The earliest purple sand pot which has a history of 2400 years, in such a long time, purple sand pot has gradually evolved into a variety of types, then you know the sand-fired pot type which to have?Pot type, such as by commodity grades can be divided into coarse goods, fine goods and special crafts three.(1) coarse goods products: refers to personality, economical and practical, inexpensive products for the general public. This kind of purple sand pot has the advantages of simple processing, global production and reduce the cost, which is characterized by modelling concise, generous and practical, for example" tribute" pot" floating" pot" Quartet"" Six Party"," longevity"" Niu Gaiyang barrel pot", the teahouse and urban and rural masses family widespread application of this kind of purple sand pot.(2) fine goods products: although its price is different, but can be generally known as the economic and practical arts and crafts. This kind of purple sand pot includes most side to the pot ( kettle ) and horizontal pot, tea, and middle-grade daily-use products, modeling rich changes, have certain technology level, adapt to the needs of customers in general purchasing power.(3) : refers to the special crafts furnishings mainly handicrafts and those for artists at the hands of the product, its price is by the artist's achievements and the artistic value of product in. This kind of purple sand pot craft and art level are higher, so the yield little, product is more expensive.
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