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Why chrysanthemum tea show to be green?

Friends to drink chrysanthemum tea may be found that a dip in the chrysanthemum tea separated while green. Why is this? What is the reason of the green chrysanthemum tea? Xiaobian to all doubts.

Green chrysanthemum tea causes the following situations:

Chrysanthemum tea white to green, is a normal phenomenon. White chrysanthemum soaked, containing chlorophyll soak, resulting in discoloration.

2 may be the temperature of the water did not master, we must remember not to be brewed with boiling water.

If brewed with tap water, the response of the material in the water, metal ions and chrysanthemum, leaving the chrysanthemum and tea green. Chrysanthemum long soak in the water green will gradually darken even blue.

4 varieties of chrysanthemum tea color and chrysanthemums have a certain relationship, general Gongju soaked overnight is also green, but the new bulbs, tender green, overnight is dark green. Chrysanthemum morifolium soaked yellow, and with a hint of sweet, even overnight, generally does not turn green. .

White to green, chrysanthemum tea is a normal phenomenon, although safe to drink. White chrysanthemum tea soak long, containing chlorophyll soak, resulting in discoloration. In addition, the possible water temperature is not good, tea, use boiling water. At the same time, especially later into the summer, in principle, drink Geye to prevent the breeding of bacteria in the tea can infect. Containing flowers in Chrysanthemum morifolium pigment, it can and the water acidic or alkaline substance made ??chromophore role when encountered in the water PH value is alkaline, colored pigment will become blue-green, but also the temperature, brewing the higher the temperature, the green speed on the acceleration. Generally brewed with pure water does not produce the above subject and the general tap water is mostly water from deep wells was slightly alkaline, soak a long time will turn green, but the toxic side effects, and the quality of Chrysanthemum, when you put the bubble a little green tea does not produce a greenish phenomenon.

The above is the introduction of "green chrysanthemum tea, we can see the chrysanthemum tea, green is normal, we can be safe to drink.

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