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The good herbal tea which can weight lose for you in summer

Summer is coming, want to lose weight you is it right? Still body meat trouble? Here we have to recognize that has magical effect of weight reducing tea bar, it allows you to easily thin and magical beauty ~ ~ oh

In 1, the carnation: improve blood circulation, promote the new supersedes the old., remove toxins from the body, regulating female endocrine function, taste fragrance, helps to dispel the upset gas impatient.

2, jasmine: can improve the drowsiness and anxiety phenomenon of chronic stomach problems, menstrual disorders, also have effect. Jasmine flower and pink rose with tea drinking has a slimming effect.

3: has the effects of clearing heat, detoxification, honeysuckle, lungs and phlegm, nourishing the blood, through collaterals, cough antiviral efficacy. In this paper I want beauty network editing, reprint self think beauty network reprint please keep source.

Treatment of habitual constipation, with honeysuckle, rhubarb, according to 3:1dosage, together with tea drinking, and with a moderate amount of honey flavor, with clearing heat and draining water, laxative, thin abdomen effect.
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