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2011 Yunnan Pu'er tea top 10 brands list

Pu'er tea of ??Yunnan's unique specialty tea, the more better with the characteristics of the weight loss regimen and many other effects, by a majority of Cha sought after. In recent years, the tea market is becoming increasingly popular, but there are some unscrupulous businessmen are shoddy, poor quality of the tea sold at high prices for tea. General Chayou difficult to distinguish the pros and cons of the Pu'er tea, this time choose to believe that the big brands is a good way to buy high-quality tea can protect. I believe a lot for tea is very concerned about the tea what brand, what the best brand of Pu'er tea is. The following is some information on the of Pu'er ten brand for the majority of Cha Tea lovers can be based on evidence in the purchase of Pu'er tea.       Pu'er top ten brands (in alphabetical order)
Large benefits Pu'er tea
1, the big benefits Pu'er tea
       List reason:
       The big benefits of Pu'er tea is a well-known brand of Pu'er in business - the production of Yunnan Great Benefits Tea Group is Pu'er benchmark and classic representative, incorporated nearly 20 years of history, the big benefits of the brand won numerous honors for the enterprise and awards, has many loyal Chayou. Which benefits 7572 known as the judge the benchmark of cooked Pu'er tea, the big benefits of 7542 known as the judgment of the benchmark of Pu'er tea.

2, octagonal Pu'er tea
       List reason:
       The octagonal tea is the only state-owned tea factory in Yunnan - Dawn tea factory brands. Dawn tea factory now has dozens of different specifications, different styles of products, such as cake tea, brick tea, Tuo, loose tea, craft tea, "octagonal" trademark was named Yunnan Province, with the trademark. "Octagonal" brand of Pu'er tea were identified as Chinese Pu'er ten well-known brands, is the only designated tea of ??Kunming Trade Fair, the prestigious senior Cha to choose high quality material, fine workmanship and famous.
3, Zhong Cha Pu'er tea
        List reason:
        Yunnan Tea Company is one of the world five hundred member companies of COFCO Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the China Tea Co., Ltd. is one of the most important enterprise in the Chinese tea industry, the sales channels across the country. "Tea" brand trademark registration in 1951, the Chinese tea industry's first influential brand of tea. Produced by the "tea Pu'er tea Yun Yun Chen Hong, sections boutique, which most consumers to" tea cake "Yeh cake" Wu Yi Yuan Tea "praise.

4,XiaGuan Tuocha
       List reason:
       The Yunnan the Shimonoseki Tuocha (Group) Co., predecessor of the Yunnan Province under the Guan tea factory. The plant was founded in 1941, is located in the largest processing center of the compressed tea and tea distribution center in Yunnan Province - Dali City. Shimonoseki Tuocha or seven ministries of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, State Economic and Trade Commission to specify the Bianxiao Cha designated enterprises for producing its Tuo compact, mellow quality on behalf of masterpieces in the Tuo.

5, Fukumura Mei Kee
        List reason:
         Fukumura Mei Kee is the youngest brand in the brand list, but also the greatest potential for a brand. Fukumura Mei Kee is a global top 10 network goods brand - still off the company spent a lot of the tea industry effort to build the Pu'er tea brand has enjoyed the reputation of Pu'er tea online shopping. Very different from other brands, Fukumura Mei Kee is a network goods brand that providing the public with high quality, high standard, cost-effective tea for the purpose to provide the most convenient and efficient online service for the majority for tea, so Cha enough no user will be able to enjoy the mellow tea Chen Hong.

6, Long Park, No. Pu'er tea
       List reason:
       Pu'er tea Puer Long Park No. on the market, the Dragon Garden received by the consumers and the industry respected in recent years, governments at all levels and units of the Yunnan provincial government, the Government of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province Taiwan Affairs Office to develop a number of greater impact on the commemorative tea. Marketing outlets throughout the country, the products are exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other domestic and international markets.

7, Long raw Pu'er tea
       List reason:
       Dragon Pu'er tea of ??Yunnan dragon Tea Industry Co., Ltd. brands through continuous reform and development, forming a set of tea cultivation, processing and marketing as one of the mode. "Long life" trademark was identified as the "Yunnan Province, with the trademark" its Pu'er tea by Pu'er Friends of the favorite palace of Long Sheng Pu'er won in the assessment of the quality of the sixth China Pu'er Tea Festival "tea" title.

8, the old comrades Pu'er tea
       List reason:
       Old comrades tea is the Yunnan Gulf tea brand, is also in Yunnan Province Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee selected one of the Yunnan brand-name products, including the most famous old comrades cooked Pu'er tea. "Old comrades" tea since the break into the market, product quality is stable and expanding market share, and for three consecutive years by the Chinese food safety will be selected as the designated gift tea, Pu'er tea industry won several competitions, "Gold Medal", "Silver Award "," King of Tea "and other awards.

9,Lang River Pu'er tea.
       List reason:
       Lang River Pu'er Tea is a the Menghai Lang River tea factory brands. Lang River tea factory was built in 1995, since the construction, the tea factory to employ experienced domestic tea masters, drawing on the experience of Guangdong and other places, give full play to the the Menghai unique local tea processing and fermentation technology, selection of Menghai tea of superior raw materials, focus on the organic combination of the traditional processing techniques and modern technology in production, shaping the success of the Lang River "series of high-quality brand in the market. Lang River Pu'er tea has been excellent quality, reasonable prices, extensive product hit with consumers.

10, Fuhai Pu'er tea
       List reason:
       The Fuhai Pu'er tea production since the cloud Nanfu Hai Tea Factory, consistent with the principle of "credibility first, quality first" Cha pure aroma, taste natural Pu'er tea. The Fuhai production cooked tea liquor color is rosy and bright, pure natural aroma, taste good-natured alcohol, Somin fast Hidenao. Fuhai process, The Fuhai the product makes a large number of Pu'er tea lovers can goods to the unique taste of real Pu'er tea. (According to the Southeast Network the tea Channel)

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