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Different types of Pu-erh tea according to the shape

Different types of Pu-erh tea according to the repression of shape classification
1,Tea cakes: a flat disc-shaped, seven seed cake each, net weight 357 grams, one in seven for a cylinder, each cylinder, weighing 2500 g, hence the name Seven cake. Pu'er Cake Teahttp://www.chineseteaart.com/images/chinese-tea-picture/CTA607.jpg
2,Tuo Cha: the shape with the rice bowl of the size of each net weight 100 g, 250 g, now mini Tuocha, each 2 grams -5 g.
3, brick tea: rectangular or square, 250 g -1000 g mostly made ??of this shape in order to facilitate the delivery of
4, the Tea Pumpkin contribution: pressed into a half melon shape of varying sizes, from 100 grams to several hundred pounds have.
5, two thousand tea: pressed into varying sizes pressed bar, each tea weight heavier than the (smallest tea has about 100 pounds), hence the name: two thousand tea
6, loose tea: tea production process has not been pressed molding, tea-like casual bar Pu'er tea loose tea into the whole tea made ??from the cable stout mast leaf tea is also useful to bud tip part bud tip made ??of tiny strips of tea.
7 mushrooms tightly Tea: pressed into a mushroom-shaped tea, weighing about 250 g.
8, column tea: suppress growth columnar tea, and then the bamboo, Xun shell dressing out, low weight to 100 grams, ranging from kg or more.
9, Seven cakes: the round tea cake is usually seven packed into a barrel, the so called Seven cake weight as small as 25 grams to 3 kilograms.
10,Xiao Jin Da: round Tuocha, stylish to carry, the network is the most spread, 2 grams of weight. The world's smallest tea.
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