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Make Ba Bao Cha yourself

Ba Bao Cha is a collection of a variety of the tonic effect of Chinese herbal medicines, and display can be under the combined effects on the body have a good health effect. Especially during the winter drinking, both to keep warm, but also please the Chinese New Year midnight good luck.

(1)The Chinese wolfberry, raisins, dried chrysanthemum, jujube, licorice and dried longan flesh into small bowl, washed with 50ml boiling water to the surface of the topsoil.
(2) sugar and green tea into the bottom of the cup, then add the wolfberry, raisins, dried chrysanthemum, jujube, licorice and dried longan meat.
(3)The remaining boiling water (200ml) into the cup, and then close the lid, and nausea for about 8 minutes.
(1)A crystal sugar sink to the bottom of the cup is not easy to completely melt, Babao tea brewing available teaspoon or stirring rod gently stir the sweetness of rock sugar to evenly blend in eight treasures tea.
(2) contains the triterpenoid saponin glycyrrhizic acid in licorice roots, so it will feel sweet. Licorice surface reddish brown or gray brown, yellow and white section. On the sore throat, anorexia, licorice and more cough have a good effect, in the general store of traditional Chinese medicine can be bought.
(3) dried longan meat, also known as longan meat, dried longan meat and shell with two kinds of dried longan nuclear supermarket, direct use of dried longan meat, of course, if you buy the shell and the kernel less can also be dried longan peel go, and then used to brew the Eight Treasure Tea.
Green tea, also known as non-fermented tea, brewing tea color is clear, tea green. There are many varieties of green tea, well-known: Longjing, Biluochun cents cents Mao Feng, Tippy, etc., according to their preferences, choose to buy different varieties of green tea.

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