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The proper proportion of tea and water

Always feel at home drinking tea and drink taste different in the teahouse, and into the causes, I've always married homes and teahouses environment, different atmosphere, resulting in a different mood, which affects the mouth, the taste on the tongue, but a professionalus the truth, fact, this is the biggest reason is probably due to is different from the proportion of tea in the tea.
Tea have a lot of stress, although the different tea different, but the basic requirement is the same. In order to fully brewed as tea drinkers tea nutrients, which should be noted that the proportion of tea, water tea color, smell, taste.
In general, the proportion of tea, water with the types of tea, and addicted to tea by the situation is different. Tender tea, high tea consumption can be a little less coarse tea should be put in the amount of that oolong tea, pu-erh should also be a little more. Those addicted to tea, usually red, green tea, tea, water ratio of 1:50 to one eighty tea if put three grams, boiling water should be washed 150-240 ml; general tea, tea, and water ratio is 1:80 to 1:100. Drinking oolong tea, tea consumption should increase in tea and water ratio of 1:30 is appropriate. Families commonly used in white porcelain cups, each cup can cast 3 grams of tea red water 250 ml; general glass can be put into each cup of tea 2 g, red 150 ml of water.

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