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How to choose Lu An Gua Pian

Lu An Gua Pian (Liu An Gua Pian)
The Lu'an Guapian common sense.
Normal temperature year for new tea generally can be output within ten days before the Grain Rain; real leaf nutrient-rich tea grass should be within a few days before and after Guyu. Optional to taste Tea Product usually grasp the following points: from the perspective of the dry tea and tea two considerations tea "color, smell, taste, shape".
First, dry tea Appreciation. The color of hope: by waiting to see should have livid (Depth blue) through Chui, old or young, the same color, showing baked in place. Smells: the aroma of the fragrance through the nose by sniffing should have tea, in particular, is like burning chestnut kind of scent or fragrance is superior; grassy description of the lack of frying effort. Chewing taste: sweet bitter tail head, through the bitter sweet feel ponder should have, a little water to rinse the mouth after a refreshing sweet feeling.
The concept of shape: by looking at should have the chip volume straight, close to the length, thickness and symmetry of the bar, showing the shape and size of fried power in place.
Dry tea-fat soup to taste. The tea is generally used in the white porcelain cup (bowl). Better conditions in spring water or water from deep wells can choose mineral water or purified water, PH value close to neutral water quality as appropriate. Tea capacity into tea right amount of light, moderate, not too much. The original Hong displaced in order to avoid the piece tea, today it was argued washed with water high, slow closing, 2012 West Lake Longjing tea from the pot to the tea 2/3 stamped wait a while (new tender tea should not be full stamped). After a while, you can Tasting. The steps are as follows: First, to smell its fragrance. Close to the cup sized or mouth surface, I feel a leisurely tea fragrance; experience the tea its flavor concentration of alcohol. Is the look and the color. Wangai help move tea view soup, usually green soup through the green, fresh and cool, a little muddy. The leaf color is usually ten days before the tea Guyu grass production of tea, have TANSEI leaf color in the bubble, blue,
asymmetrical. Similar Guyu or tea grass production in Guyu piece tea leaf color in the bubble is generally blue or deep green, but well-proportioned, tea corresponding more concentrated, if the time to wait while green is also deep. Again its taste. Usually the first slow to drink two tea, then a small sip to savor, normally has a slightly bitter, cool sweetness of the slightest; growth of leaf nutrient rich grass tea production piece tea, bubble tea brew, are often able to make You obviously feel that the flexibility of the tea.
Fourth, the view of its shape. Dry tea water-fat soup, floating on the top, open soup with the leaves, leaf 11, bottom-up gradually sink to the cup bowl. Original strip development of the leaf-shaped, leaf size is nearly the same piece of the overlay.

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