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Identification the quality of spring tea

Identification the quality of spring tea
According to the spring and the quality characteristics in two ways to tell.
The first is the dry look. Be judged on three factors from the dry tea color, smell, shape. Where a color of green tea Green Run, tea color zeu Yun, tea, fat and heavy real, or more pekoe and black tea, green tea, the cable tight knot, Gunpowder particles round and tight, and flavorsome, the quality characteristics of spring tea.
The second is the wet look. Open soup Review of tea, for further judgment. After brewing the tea, sinking fast, strong and lasting aroma, the taste of alcohol; green tea liquor color green was yellow, black tea liquor color Yan cash ring; the tea Securinega soft and thick, normal shoots more than in, for the spring tea.
The experts pointed out that due to caffeine, active alkaloids in the new tea and a variety of aromatic substances with higher levels of easy to make people excited, nervous system and the nervous breakdown, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have an adverse effect. In addition, the new tea oxidation of polyphenols and aldehydes content more strong stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa, gastrointestinal function, especially patients with chronic gastrointestinal inflammation, drink tea, could easily cause stomach pain, fullness, constipation, dry mouth symptoms. Therefore, the spring and the best place for some time, auto-oxidation of polyphenols in tea, gastrointestinal irritation lower after the drink.

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