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The culture of Six Fort tea

Hometown of six Fort tea drink six tea on the tile pot, add the mountain spring water, open fire after boiling, slightly placement until tepid drink, I feel the sweet and mellow, to mention stretch, Yipi eliminate stagnation, the effectiveness of the fluid and hot weather, plus the amount of winter honey, stir the drink, to cure dysentery. Chen, storage for more than five years, six tea can cure convulsions in children embolism. The six Fort tea brewed overnight taste the same, not muddy soup, drink when cool Qushu.
In recent years, as traditional overseas sales black tea - Yunnan demand and the growing influence of, belong to the traditional overseas sales black tea the Wuzhou six tea many tea lovers respected, and its unique flavor quality and health The role of a new awareness. The six Fort tea sales in Wuzhou City, rise, and drink six Fort tea, about six Fort tea, six tea has become the new fashion of tea lovers to pursue. And sold in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao and other places, its quality is known for the red, agriculture, alcohol, Chen never known. The six Fort tea color dark brown smooth soup red, dense and bright, the taste of alcohol and tasty, somewhat sweet and slippery, the aroma of alcohol Chen, betel nut flavor, the bottom of reddish brown, and the resistance for long, gets the better. If the pursuit of other kinds of tea people a taste of the "youth", then, it touched people on six tea years of vicissitudes, and more Chen's more fragrant quality to other teas do not have.
The six Fort tea is warm tea, in addition to other kinds of tea health effects, more refreshing dampness, eyesight pure heart, and help digestion. Can eat three square meals drink to aid digestion, can also be an empty stomach drink clear stomach. In hot weather, drinking six Fort tea the cool Qushu, feel more comfortable. Scientific experiments and six Fort tea lovers tea Practice has proved that the six Fort tea in addition to containing a variety of essential amino acids, vitamins and trace elements, contained lipase than other teas, it is six Fort tea has more decomposition greasy, reduce the effectiveness of the human class of fatty compounds, cholesterol, triglycerides, long-term drinking can stomach meditatively, weight loss fitness. With the improvement of people's living standard, six Fort tea more and more by consumers.
The six Fort tea using the traditional baskets and packaging containing substances conducive to storage conversion, the taste changed alcohol, liquor color deepened, Chen Hong revealed. Six Fort loose tea steaming, die can be made of the six Fort tea cakes "," Six Fort brick tea "," Six Fort Tuo "subject to the same six Fort tea collectors of all ages.

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