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Genuine dispute about Dahongpao parents trees

With the continuous improvement of the visibility of the "Big Red" mother trees"Big Red" genuine dispute intensified. "Big Red" to refer to, in fact, after the name of the drape from a fir tea (champion Red Robe tea) - a - certain varieties of tea (Wuyi Mountain Fir is one of the four famous "Big Red"), name The general term for the change of category (Wuyi yancha) tea. So at different times on different occasions, "Big Red" within the meaning of the meaning of the generation is different. If you do not know the truth, it is easy to be confused, resulting in genuine dispute.

Say One:

According to the "Wuyi tea and landscape (Chan Shun years of waiting, U Kyaw agricultural preface) a book on tea" clearly documented the Dahongpao deputy divided. Monks visitors arbitrarily picking refused to genuine show his "sentence can be so read: In order to protect the Chia Tai Hong Pao tea, the monks deliberately Vice Big Red" tea engraved with the words of the "Big Red" near, to divert line of sight of visitors. Vice Big Red "long at a high place, the visitors is not easy picking. Monks so deliberately "substitution", it is quite upset. Move either to protect the "Chia Tai Hong Pao tea, inadvertently also greatly increased the fame of the Vice Dahongpao tea varieties and brands of the continuation of the" Big Red ".

Say two:

Statement on the "Chia Tai Pao" and almost 100 years old, liberation proceed to study Wuyi Tea dean Zhang Tianfu elderly said exactly the same. He and I recalled that: the original "Big Red" tea in the distance now not far from where the "Big Red" in the side of the road under a big rock, tree, fir, nearly one meter above the water droplets from Shu Zhang on the cliffs drop, year-round quit, just drop in tea, tea is very lush, but died in the 1950s.

Say three:

Folk have a saying, said, "Chia Tai Pao" renamed as "Plum" to confuse right and wrong, to play a better protective effect. According to 1951 served as the "Big Red" mother trees the location of Tin Sum Village, land reform team leader, already 80 years old Fu Zhi elderly memories, true. He said: When the land reform of 1951 is still the days of the "Big Red" heart of Temple. However, because of its long history, too much fame, with high conservation value, if it continues to by monks management, fear of not enough. Later the county for this purpose opened a coordination meeting, decided to "Big Red" Dasan was placed under the farm management. In the "Big Red" in the vicinity there are a large fir tea called "Plum", then do not know when the dead.

Say four:

In addition, Chinese tea blog ยท Fujian volume "Wuyi Rock Tea article reads: today Kowloon nest" Big Red ", according to Lin Fu-Quan 1941 survey that the Department of the name Cong Qidan" mistaken. And have monks trust, and to see a true "Big Red" in Kowloon nest the foot of the rock, roots shed year-round water from the rock trickling trunk full of raw moss, trees and aging. Have recorded: height 135 cm, eight of the trunk ...

Above regardless of which view is really referred to "Dahongpao trees," not existing "Dahongpao trees. But as a the Wuyi four fir is one of the "Big Red" is actually the name of the varieties of tea, also known as "Qi Dan. Jiang Shunan Travels episode of "Wuyi Mountain Travels" wrote: "such as the Da Hong Pao, the most top grade in each of the closing days of heart can not be a pound-day tour also the number of ears." Visible, "Dahongpao trees is not grows only on one. The contemporary tea U Kyaw agriculture, forestry and Fu Quan also referred to the Wuyishan the Beidou rock, Horsehead Rock also have a "Big Red" varieties of tea. Therefore, the existing "mother trees Big Red", though not necessarily the original legendary "Big Red", but it certainly is: the existing "Big Red" tea is the original ecology of the mother trees Dahongpao.
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