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Oolong Tea help you loss weight

Drinking oolong tea can make a weight lose weight within six months out 38 kilograms, and succeeded in getting rid of the "three highs" (high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high blood cholesterol) entangled, you believe that?
Recently, a magazine in Taiwan of the Americans Stevensuccessful weight loss experience, the health benefits of oolong tea with admiration.Professor Chih-Jen Chang, Taiwan's National Cheng Kung University Department of Medicine recently published a study in the Journal of Obesity, "pointed out, people often drink tea, body mass index and fat content ratio than drink. Moreover, the effect of weight loss women than men. Professor Zhang explained that this is because oolong tea compared with black tea and green tea, can stimulate the activity of pancreatic lipase, reducing sugars and fatty foods to be absorbed outside, but also to accelerate the body's heat production to increase, promote fat burning, In particular, to reduce accumulation of abdominal fat.Steven weight loss experience, and meals before and after drinking a cup of oolong tea. Professor Chang to remind everyone, it is best to drink hot tea, no sugar.
Also, do not immediately after a meal to drink, every 1 hour or so more appropriate. The tea should also be adapted to individual constitution, If you drink tea, I felt very uncomfortable, like stomach pain or unable to sleep, it is best in moderation. When the tea, the water temperature to be controlled at around 80 ℃ -90 ℃; the tea to drink within 30-60 minutes, or else the tea's nutrients will be oxidized.

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