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The Kung Fu Tea of Chaozhou and Shantou

Fujian and Guangdong in the Chaozhou and Shantou area, almost every household, young and old, love to sip a small cup of fine Oolong. Oolong tea is the name, tea is the species name. Chuaicha with a small cup, call it if Chen Ou, only half a tennis great. Chuocha with such a small cup, is actually Han Chinese tea art show

Chao Shanren Gongfu tea drinking can be said that everyone has the "addiction" in more than a thousand million people, do not smoke, there's those who do not drink, except those who do not drink tea is difficult to find. Turns out to be "better three days without meters, non-day without tea", and whenever drank tea. According to legend, the Yuan Dynasty, there Gongfu tea drinking customs. According to "remember Chaozhou Temptress Moon," set, kung fu tea "cooking of administration, the Zhu Lu Yu," Tea, "while equipment is more precise." So Chaoshan Ren and everyone has a Sanding: teapot, cups, charcoal stove. Teapot Yixing clay pots generally, shape, small quaint itself has to appreciate the value of pieces of art, pot of tea stain is thicker the more precious.

Traditional Kung Fu tea and the tools are basically used in ceramics. A tureen, a red cans, three teacups, a tea tray, a tea pool, a pot, a pot, a stove.

Tureen, is used to brew tea; three small cups, is used to drink tea with, no matter how much the number of tea cups are 3; tea tray and tea, pool, one is used to put three small cup, and one is on the tea tray is used to put the following washing cup of wastewater. Pot is used to store the water used for tea; stove and pot, is boiling water used.
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